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Sabiqoon: Amr e Kun Se Pehlay Ki Takhleeq | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

In this mind-blowing speech, Sayyidi Younus AlGohar answers a viewer who asked what the difference was between Imam Mehdi’s sub-spirits and the sub-spirits of other spiritual personalities.


- The Night of Ascension was a grand occasion. Prophet Mohammad led 124 000 prophets in Salat. However, where was Imam Mehdi during this event? He was not there because Imam Mehdi comes from the Unseen World; He is not from this universe. Abdul Qadir Jilani, who was to revive Islam, had not yet come into the world but he was present on the Night of Ascension. Imam Mehdi, the grand personality who Jesus Christ would pledge allegiance to - who would defeat the Antichrist, raise the divine flag and revive the religion - was nowhere to be seen.

- God created souls in two episodes. The souls created with Command Be were divided into three categories: those who chose luxuries of the world, those who chose luxuries of paradise and those who were indecisive. This was Episode Two of creation. Before creating souls with Command Be, God created three categories of souls; they are known as the Sabiqoon (Foremost Souls). The categories of the Sabiqoon were: those in God’s proximity (Qurb, those in God’s love (Mohabbat) and those in God’s manifestation (Jalwa). All the prophets, messengers and Fuqra come from the Sabiqoon. Among the Sabiqoon, none of the souls are disbelievers, hypocrites or worldly - they are all loving souls. Their creation predates the Primordial Times; they were from Episode One of creation.

- God divided the souls among the eras of the prophets. If a prophet had less spiritual knowledge, God would send more hell-bound souls in his era. Souls from among the Sabiqoon came in abundance in the era of the Prophet Mohammad. This is why the knowledge of personal love of God came with Prophet Mohammad. In this era of Imam Mehdi, all the Sabiqoon souls have come down.

- A human soul is like smoke - it has no features. So to facilitate the human soul in connecting with God, God attached 6 angelic subtleties with the soul. They are helpers so that when your soul comes down it can see, and speak and hear. The subtleties were originally servants to the Sabiqoon. God created a system in which sub-spirits were derived from these angel-like creatures to increase people’s spiritual ranks.

- There is no concept of the body and soul in the Unseen World. Individuals in the Unseen World are complete entities. They do not need any subtleties to facilitate them. A human being has to die because the souls and the body are separate races, so they have to separate one day. But the bodies and souls of individuals from the Unseen World do not separate. This is why Sayyidi Younus AlGohar declares, ‘Gohar Shahi is immortal.’ Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi doesn’t have His own terrestrial spirits or celestial spirits. A reflection of HDE Gohar Shahi was placed in a body created with the terrestrial spirits of Prophet Mohammad and then the greatest celestial spirits from all the Grand Messengers were placed in that body.

- There are various entities that resemble HDE Gohar Shahi in appearance. No two pictures of HDE Gohar Shahi are the same or identical. They are images of different manifestations. If the soul and subtleties are present in a body, it is known as Jism; if the body is empty of these souls, it is Jasd. And a Jussa (sub-spirit) is something in between the soul and body. A real Jussa is something you cannot touch. However, the ‘Jussas’ of HDE Gohar Shahi are complete entities on their own and people were able to touch them.


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