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What is true repentance from sins in the eyes of God? Watch this video featuring Sufi Spiritual Revivalist, Sayyidi Younus AlGohar, to find out.


'Avoid committing the Major Sins and I will forgive your Minor Sins.' - Koran 4:31

- The world we live in is full of sins. No matter how pious you are, chances are that you will sin. Any sin that has to do with your inner being is a Major Sin. Any sin that has to do with your body is a Minor Sin.

- Repentance isn't just to say the phrase, 'I won't do it again.' Rather, in reality, repentance is the act of purging the power in you which forces you to sin. God considers the act of purifying your Lower Self to be true repentance from all sins because the Lower Self is the root of evil.

- When the Lower Self starts to be purified, without you pondering over it, you regret sinning and repent over it. This is because the Lower Self changes from the state of the Commanding Self to the Blameworthy Self. The Lower Self makes you feel blameworthy. It says to you, 'What have you done?'

Koran 12:53 says that the Commanding Self will compel you, force you, to sin.

- So your promises and repentance will mean nothing if you don't pay any attention to the state of your Lower Self. True repentance is Touba-tan-Nasooh (Nasooh's Repentance). This only happens when one becomes determined to eradicate the root of evil in them. In other words, to purify the Lowe Self. Even if such a person does not verbally proclaim, 'I repent, God,' that is what he is doing practically.

Koran 87:14 states, 'Verily, he shall be successful who purifies his Lower Self.'


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