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SC • E22: Nafs Ki Akar Ko Torhna

In Lesson 22 of the Elementary Sufi Course, Sufi Master Younus AlGohar explains why it is important to break the idol of the ego and how the Spiritual Mediator does it.


- In the light of the Quran, there are four sub-spirits of the Lower Self: Nafs e Ammarah (The Commanding Self, Quran 12:53), Nafs e Lawamma (The Blameworthy Self, Quran 75:2), Nafs e Mulhima (The Inspired Self, Quran 91:8) and Nafs e Mutmaina (The Contented Self, Quran 89:27).

- The first step in the purgation of the Lower Self is to crush the ego, to break the idol of the Ego and the rigidity of the Lower Self.

A Prophetic Tradition states, ‘When God intends to bestow a favour upon someone, he reveals the flaws of his Lower Self upon him’.

- This is done through the Spiritual Mediator on behalf of God. The Spiritual Mediator is the Nafs Shikan (Lower Self Demolisher); he will either tell the aspirant of his flaws or reveal the flaws of the aspirant's Lower Self to him.

- The Spiritual Mediator will bring all the negative vices to the surface of an aspirant and the aspirant will feel humiliation, thus leading the Lower Self towards the purgation from those evil vices.

- Purgation of the Lower Self is not easy nor is it difficult, it is, however, such a dangerous task that only the Spiritual Mediator can guide and save the aspirant during the process.

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