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Sufi Silasil Ki Haqeeqat | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

Sayyidi Younus AlGohar explains the two types of sainthood and the differences between the Sufi Orders.


- There are two types of sainthood: Faqr-e-Bakamaliyat and Faqr-e-Bakaram. Faqr-e-Bakamaliyat begins with Zikar-e-Qalb (The Opening of the Spiritual Heart) and culminates in Deedar-e-Ilahi (Witnessing the Divine Splendour). Those who reach Deedar-e-Ilahi are in Wilayat-e-Uzma; those who do not progress further than Zikar-e-Qalb are in Wilayat-e-Sughra.

- The Qadri and Chishti Sufi Orders have the concept of the seven subtleties in the body. The Naqshbandi Sufi Order do not recognise the Subtlety of Ana (in the forehead), therefore, no Naqshbandi ever managed to reach Deedar-e-Ilahi including Mujaddid Alif Thani.

- Faqr-e-Bakaram is a system of honorary sainthood set up by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to handle the affairs of his Nation. In every era, a panel of 360 such saints is appointed. The leader of these saints is the Ghous-ul-Zama, under whom are the Qutb, Abrar, etc. Only the Ghous-ul-Zama has Zikar-e-Qalb. None of the saints of Faqr-e-Bakaram comes under the divine theophanies or reaches Deedar-e-Ilahi.

‘I am hidden behind the veil of your Lower Self but you do not have the ability to see [me].’ - Koran 51:21

- We do not belong to any Sufi Order. Rather, we were blessed by His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi.

‘I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate.’ - Prophetic Tradition

‘For whosoever I am Moula, Ali is also their Moula.’ - Prophetic Tradition

- The Naqshbandi Sufi Order traces its roots to Abu Bakr Sadiq, who is the Chief of Sharia in the Muslim Nation. The Chishti Sufi Order’s ancestral roots go back to Moula Ali who is an expert in Tariqa (Spirituality). The Qadri Sufi Order was founded by Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (Ghous Pak/Ghous-e-Azam); he revived the spiritual system of Islam in his era. Ghous Pak taught Sharia and Tariqa together and he even taught people how to reach the Station of Wasl (Divine Union) after Deedar-e-Ilahi. The Qadri Sufi Order is known in Sufi circles as the greatest Sufi Order.

- Some followers of Mujaddid Alif Thani failed to accept the eminence of Ghous Pak, so Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) expelled them from the Muslim Nation. This was when two different branches of Naqshbandis formed: the Aaliya Naqshbandi Order and the Mujaddidiya/Saifia Naqshbandi Order. Mujaddidiya/Saifi Order originates from those expelled from the Muslim Nation.


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