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Sūrah Al Humazah Ki Batni Tashreeh | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

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Sayyidi Younus AlGohar’s comprehensive explanation of Koran 104:1-5 (Chapter Humazah) and who it applies to.

‘Destruction upon the slanderer and backbiter. That person will continue to gather his wealth. He thinks that the wealth he has collected will remain with him forever. We will throw all such people into the hellfire the name of which is Hutamah. And what do you know of what Hutamah is?’ - Koran 104:1-5

Main points:

- God says here that the people who are slanderers and backbiters will be destroyed. It is not just a reference to their afterlife, but also their physical life. We understand the destruction of physical life to either be in the form of a major loss in monetary wealth or a severe loss in physical health. But the Koran 104:2 mentions that the people who will be destroyed spend their time collecting wealth - which means that they will not be affected monetarily. If a person has pain anywhere in his body, he manages to bear it. However, if he loses his mental health, his entire personality is destroyed.

- When destruction falls upon a person's character, then they also lose their sanity. They lose all rationality, sanity, empathy and pity. For example, religious extremists involved in bomb blasts do not feel the pain of their victims. Once God has become upset with a person, none of his religious acts are accepted by God. And then after that, his spiritual, mental and physical state also change.

- According to what is written in this verse about Hutamah, God made the hellfire of Hutamah for those people involved in the vices of slandering and backbiting. And the fire of Hutamah burns the hearts of human beings. They will spend all their years burning in that fire which burns hearts.

- When a person's heart is enlightened, his actions, deeds and mental state are all set right. And when filth enters one's heart, then they suffer from mental illnesses. After a thorough investigation, I came to know that mental illnesses are not actually to do with the mind; they are esoteric diseases.


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