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Ulema-e-Haq Kon Hain? | By HH Younus AlGohar

Who are the True Scholars? A detailed explanation by His Holiness Younus AlGohar.

Main Points:

- The knowledge of Islam is not in the physical Koran that you hold in your hands. The Koran was revealed onto the Spiritual Heart of Prophet Mohammad by Gabriel; you must gain access to the Spiritual Heart of Prophet Mohammad in order to obtain spiritual knowledge as well as the knowledge of the religion.

- Those who managed to gain access to the Prophet's Spiritual Heart are the True Scholars. Firstly, their hearts are initiated with God's name and with the abundance of Divine Light, the Spiritual Guide takes them to the court of the prophet; the prophet then embraces them and transfers the Esoteric Koran from his Spiritual Heart to theirs.

- Prophet Mohammad said to beware the ignorant scholars. An ignorant scholar is not one who is unlettered because that is a juxtaposition and Prophet Mohammad was also unlettered. An ignorant scholar is one who has memorised the religious knowledge by the tongue but is darkened by the heart; there is no Divine Light in the heart.

- It is written in the Koran that in order to enter into the religion of Islam, it is necessary for God to open your Spiritual Heart. When God's name enters your Spiritual Heart then the Divine Light of God begins to generate therein, it awakens and enlightens the Spiritual Heart and through this, you obtain guidance and understanding of the religion.

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