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Waswason Ki Wajuhaat Aur Un Ka Sad-e-Baab | By HH Younus AlGohar

#AskYounusAlGohar - What should a person do who is troubled by evil whispers?

HH Younus AlGohar's impeccable diagnosis of the nature of evil whispers or negative thoughts and the complete cure for it.

Main Points:

- When you adopt the path of Spirituality and you begin to generate Divine Light in your Spiritual Heart, the Devil tries everything to become a hindrance in your way. The Devil will manipulate you with evil whispers but the Divine Light in you will counterattack with positive thoughts; this is a typical occurrence.

- This is called Jihad bin Nafs - The Struggle Against the Carnal Self. When you embark upon the path of enlightenment and purification, you are basically endeavouring to uproot the Devil from within you. This is not an easy task; the Devil will not simply walk away. This is what Prophet Mohammad referred to as the Greater Jihad - Jihad-e-Akbar. In this battle, you must defeat the enemy within: the Carnal Self; the Devil's agent.

- In order to completely cure yourself of evil whispers, you must annihilate the source: the Khannas (Evil Whisperer). The Khannas is in the form of an elephant, it sits below the heart and its trunk rests atop the heart; when it breathes out, it delivers evil whispers to the heart. However, it does not become purified. The heat from the abundance of Divine Light is unbearable for the Khannas and it runs away.

- The Evil Whisperer does not burden you with evil whispers against bad things or bad people. If you adopt the path of Spirituality and you are troubled with evil whispers, it simply means that you are an enlightened one and you must remain steadfast.

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