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Wilayat Ki 3 Iqsam | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

Sayyidi Younus AlGohar explains the difference between the Kamil Hayat, Kamil Mumaat and Kamil Zaat saints. He reveals which type of saint can come to your aid when you call them.


- There are three types of saints: Kamil Hayat, Kamil Mumaat and Kamil Zaat.

- The benevolence of a Kamil Hayat is only rendered during his lifetime. His sainthood is of the body. His subtleties will remain in his grave when he dies, but they will not grant grace to anyone because they are not the things which have been granted sainthood. After his demise, his shrine will not bless anybody. A Kamil Hayat is able to revive the Spiritual Heart with God’s name within a maximum of 7 days.

- The Kamil Mumaat are those who become saints after their demise. Shah Abdul Bhittai was one such saint; at the time of his demise he was not a saint, but his spiritual training continued and he reached sainthood 100-150 years after his physical passing. The divine theophanies fall upon the graves of the Kamil Mumaat saints, turning their graves into saints. You can only receive benevolence from the Kamil Mumaat when you visit their graves. A Kamil Mumaat can revive your heart within a maximum of 3 days.

- A Kamil Zaat saint can revive your heart within a single merciful glance. A Kamil Zaat is one whose body and souls are under the divine theophanies. He renders benevolence in the world and afterwards too.

- When you have received the message and blessings of Imam Mehdi, you need not search anywhere else for a Spiritual Guide. If your so-called Spiritual Guide does not even tell you about the divine gift that is the Opening of the Spiritual Heart (Zikar-e-Qalb), he is not a true Spiritual Guide. A true Spiritual Guide does not die without taking the disciples to their destination. Many people today become disciples of pseudo-Sufis and spend years serving them without thinking about what they are meant to obtain from the Guide. Such people are at fault just as the pseudo-Sufis are.

- HDE Gohar Shahi said that if a pseudo-Sufi and he has one disciple, he is the murderer of that person’s 16 entities. If he has 1000 disciples, he will be known on the Day of Judgement as a murderer of 16 000 creatures.


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