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Sayyidi Younus AlGohar explains the difference between Inner and Outer Sins.


- Outer Sins do not take any form. Inner Sins are ‘live’ and they take a form. You will be held accountable for your Outer Sins on the Day of Judgement. Inner Sins like backbiting, jealousy and keeping a grudge take the form of esoteric insects which afflict your body while you live. When the proportion of esoteric insects of a particular sin reach 15% in your body, you become addicted to that sin.

- Some Esoteric Illnesses such as superstition are showered upon certain disobedient nations by God.

‘O’ Devout Believers, I shall forgive your minor sins if you refrain from the great sins.’ - Koran 4:31

‘O’ Abu Bakr, if you guarantee that you will [control] two things - your tongue and your private parts - I will guarantee your paradise.’ - Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

- If you control your tongue, ears and eyes, you can save yourself from committing sins like backbiting, gossiping and slandering.

- Some Inner Sins such as arrogance can not be avoided until you have divine energy being produced within your heart. You will only become free of the Esoteric Illnesses which afflict the souls of your breast when you obtain Shahr-e-Sadr (Opening of the Chest).

- By sitting in the company of a saint, you can become purified because you come under the divine theophanies which God showers upon him.

- If a Friend of God curses you, you remain under the effects of his curse for 40 years. If he looks at you with love just once, you will be under its effects for 40 years.

‘Those who hurt God’s Messenger and God, they will be under God’s curse in this life and in the hereafter.’ - Koran 33:57

- A Devout Believer should refrain from cursing anyone because their divine energy will be used up in this.


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