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Sayyidi Younus AlGohar explains why the end of the world is linked directly to the advent of Imam Mehdi.


- When we talk about God's plans, it is not an exact date. It is just a rough idea. It is possible that due to some changes in circumstances that plan may not be executed; it may be extended. Nothing is definite because changes in situations and circumstances can move the plan around. There are no dates or months like December, February, January, etc. where God lives so God does not set exact dates for his plans.

- Whenever there was a dust storm in the era of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), the Companions would think the world is ending. They would persistently ask Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) when the world would end. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) would say, 'You have to prepare for it first.'

- This world was supposed to end in 2026. His Divine Eminence said in His book, The Religion of God (Divine Love), 'The asteroid is expected to fall on Earth in the next 20-25 years. That will be the last day of this world.' There are only a few years left. Out of all the followers of His Divine Eminence, I am the only one who is saying that the asteroid has been suspended.

- An era of Imam Mehdi passed in which Imam Mehdi gathered His staff. For example, when you open a restaurant, the first thing you do is gather your staff - the waiters, chefs, custodians, etc. Similarly, in the first era of Imam Mehdi, He prepared His team, His cabinet. When His cabinet was formed, He said to them, 'Believe me, neither am I preparing you for God nor for paradise. I am preparing you for Imam Mehdi.' And then He said, 'Simply supporting Him will be enough for you.'

- Right now, you can say that Imam Mehdi is on vacations. Or if you want to put it in religious terms then He has adopted Seclusion. The propagation of Imam Mehdi is ongoing. So how can the world end before the arrival of Imam Mehdi? Even if Imam Mehdi was to stay in Seclusion for 2000 years the world still wouldn't end. The end of the world has been connected to the advent of Imam Mehdi. Until His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi's advent takes place, He establishes his Sultanate, connects the aspiring hearts to God, fills the universe with justice, even thinking about the end of the world is a sin.


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