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Zakat Ki Haqeeqat | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

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Does Zakat apply in modern times? Is Zakat meant to be used for the needy? How do you benefit by giving Zakat? Sayyidi Younus AlGohar answers all this and more in this informative video.

Main points:

- Zakat is a system in the religion through which the treasury of the Islamic Sultanate would be strengthened. Zakat would be collected in the treasury and it would be used to fund the government's work as well as help the needy. Zakat is just like taxes in western countries.

- Islam is a complete lifestyle, a Deen that encompasses all aspects of life. Islam means you live your life according to the principles set forth by Prophet Mohammad. It teaches you how to establish a connection with Prophet Mohammad and God, worshipping, living your life among your fellowmen, etc.

- Now if you either went to live in England, Canada, America or Australia and you are a Muslim, since you don't even know Islam, you will not only pay Zakat but also the government tax for the country; you will end up paying double. The tax you're paying in western countries is actually a lot more than the Zakat you would have to pay. You are not living in a non-Muslim country and the society is not Islamic, therefore, those laws do not apply. You are not in an Islamic republic, therefore, the financial aspect of Islam was also impractical.

- In Islam, you give Zakat once a year; but the government takes taxes every month. They deduct a large per cent of the money from the salaries of people working in the country and also charge 20% tax on all groceries and other household goods. Thanks to the vigorous tax-collecting on the part of the government, people are left living hand-to-mouth.

- And keep another thing in mind: why is Zakat given in the first place? The benefit of giving Zakat is that your wealth will become pure. However, if your wealth was unlawfully earned in the first place, then it will never become pure. What is unlawful will remain to be unlawful.


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