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Zikar-e-Qalb Aur Shariat Ki Paasdari | By HH Younus AlGohar

Is it necessary to 'look the part' in order to practise Spirituality?

HH Younus AlGohar's wonderful response to a viewer's question.

Main points:

- Those who say one must look a certain way, specifically to appear saintly, in order to be on the Spiritual path and that one must practise Sharia completely are ignorant because they do not possess the knowledge of Spirituality. There is a standard which the clerics and so-called spiritual guides have kept for themselves, they don’t actually know anything. The only reason why they have kept their appearance ‘saintly’ is so that their pockets remain heavy.

- The word ‘Bayt’ is an Arabic word and it means ‘to sell oneself’. When you pledge allegiance to someone you are essentially selling yourself to them. Now, if you have sold yourself and that spiritual guide becomes responsible for you, so what happens if that spiritual guide is exposed to be a phoney on the Day of Judgement? You will be left hand-to-mouth.

- Religions are like schools and colleges. It easy to accept the religion and become a practitioner. However, in order to become a true follower, the prerequisite is the permission of Prophet Mohammad as well as God’s permission because whether or not God actually wants to love someone also factors in. Your worship is not enough; they are being done for your own sake and it is adulterated, it is not pure because you are riddled with thoughts of the world, your personal desires and all other thoughts. And many people offer Salat just to show-off to the world.

- However, when your heart engages in the remembrance of God, the number of times your heart says the name of God is undetectable to the one sitting next to you. This is silent worship, it is between man and God and there is no element of showing-off in it. It is the evidence of faith. When the name and light of God enter the heart, that is when you actually enjoy in the performance of worship, that is when your Salat actually refrains you from the committing bad deeds.

- We do not have any direct connection or contact with God nor do we know where God is, therefore, those who have been rewarded by God, those who are under God’s supervision they are the friends of God who are the best companions for you in the path to God because they have connection to God. And this comes from another school or college and it is called Spirituality and you are granted admission to it with the permission of God.

- When the heartbeats engage in making mention of God’s name then all the esoteric vices such as envy, jealousy, malice etc. get pushed out from the heart by virtue of the Divine Light, the heart becomes enlightened and it starts pumping Divine Light into the bloodstream thus it reaches your hands, your eyes, your legs. Everywhere. And at this point, man becomes dominated by God’s light.

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