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  • Rapturous love is greater than Divine Love
    Friday, June 18, 2010

    العشق الالھی ارفع من حب اللہ و حب اللہ ارفع من الشھادۃ و الشھادۃ ارفع من العبادۃ و العبادۃ اضعف السبل الی اللہ۔ اما العشق بدایتہ بحر الوحد …
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  • Some Points made by the Honorable Younus AlGohar countering Tahir ul Qadri’s claims
    Saturday, April 17, 2010

    According to a Hadith: Imam Mehdi (as) would definitely appear in this world, even if the last day of Qayamah occurred, and Allah would prolong that day.It simply means that even God isn't aware of the exact time of Imam Mehdi (as)'s arrival. It is …
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  • The Goharian Methodology of Dispensing Spiritual Grace
    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    According to a Hadith, the companions of Imam Mehdi (s) are greater than the companions of Prophet Mohammad, now the question is if the companions of Imam Mehdi (s) are greater than Prophet Mohammad’s companions, then it’s understandable that they ar …
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  • The Pollution in the Spiritual Atmosphere
    Tuesday, March 16, 2010

    The Ratio of Negativity (ناری تناسب) is directly proportional to the nature and amount of sins which people commit, and at the same time it is also directly proportional to the number of jinn who also dwell in the realm of Nasoot.  Why does …
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