Celebrating Christmas in Islam

3 years, 11 months ago

The following is a translation of HH Younus AlGohar's speech.

When we, ‘Merry Christmas,’ Muslims ask whether it is permissible in Islam to celebrate Christmas. It is so ironic that the Muslim nation does not even have the important knowledge of their own religion. Despite this, they are so egoistic that whatever they do not know, they declare it to be forbidden (Haram) in Islam.

As a Muslim, you must have faith in all the 124,000 prophets and messengers that came as well as the knowledge that was sent down upon them in the form of Divine Inspiration. Otherwise, you are not counted as being within the fold of Islam.

Jesus: Son of God?

Jesus Christ needs no introduction. Many Muslims say that the Christians have the tenant regarding Jesus that he is the Son of God. As Muslims, they automatically think that son here means the sons humans have.

However, just as human beings can see, God can see. If we ask them, ‘Does God have the same power of sight that a human being has?’ They would say, ‘No, God’s sight is different.’ In a similar fashion, there is a difference between being a son of God and being a son of a human being. We need to understand how one can be a son of God.

The Salafis/Wahhabis/Deobandis call themselves the ‘Sons of Tauheed.’ If we ask them, ‘Why are you calling yourselves the sons of God?’ They will say, ‘That is not what we mean.’ If this is the case, then why don’t you ask those who call Jesus the Son of God exactly what they mean?

Muslims think that if God has a son then he also must have a wife. But this is their own fabrication. A man needs a wife to have children. This is the method of reproduction that God has created for human beings. This is the method for many animals as wells, but there are also animals that do have to have intercourse to reproduce. For example, the female peacock drinks the tears of a male peacock to become pregnant.

Similarly, when we say ‘Son of God,’ we are talking about a different method. First of all, the body of God is not like a human being’s. Secondly, Jesus was born to Mother Mary; the body is the son of Mother Mary. What is it that they call the Son of God? Neither Muslims nor Christians know this information.

The concept among the Christians of the Holy Trinity is known as Talata in Arabic and Salasa in Urdu. The Holy Trinity is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Father is the Lord, the Son is Jesus and the Holy Spirit is the Rouh-e-Quds. Who is the Rouh-e-Quds and what is the rank of Rouh-e-Quds? If the Rouh-e-Quds was the soul of Jesus, it would have been simply called Jesus’s soul, rather than being given the title of Holy Spirit.

The Divine Name granted to the Christian nation was Ya Quddus. They made mention of this name as the spirit of Quds was within Jesus. This means that the Rouh-e-Quds comes from God.

The Holy Spirit is a soul of God. This is why the Declaration of Faith of Jesus is La Ilaha Illalah Isa Rouh Allah. This is a reference to the Rouh-e-Quds. It is a germ that came from the body of God and took the shape of a soul, which we know to be Rouh-e-Quds. This is what is known as the Son of God.

This Rouh-e-Quds is a germ that took the guise of a soul. It came from the body of God. Another soul like this was in the body of Krishan Jee. This why he was called Devta (son of God). Such divine germs of God were in the daughters of Ezra (Uzair) from the Bani Israel, hence this concept of the children of God came about in the Jewish nation.

Now, Ezra’s daughters were not prophets; they were only the daughters of a prophet. Had they been prophets, it would be correct to say the Jews were from their nation. However, women cannot be prophets. Nevertheless, the Jews assumed that they were the nation of God’s children through Ezra’s daughters; this is why God said in the Koran, ‘If they were the nation of God’s children, why do we send wrath upon them?’ [Koran 5:18]

The Koran is the last celestial book, but it is not the last word of God. God says in the Koran that he gives special people Ilm-e-Ladduni. It simply means all is not in the Koran. If everything was in the Koran, why do your clerics do ijtihad? Ask the clerics why their policies are hypocritical; on the one hand, they say everything is in the Koran. On the other hand, they seek opinions of all clerics when there is an issue not mentioned in the Koran.

Jesus’s Second Coming

Now, Jesus has two introductions: one is as a messenger - the son of Mother Mary. The other introduction of Jesus Christ is in the light of Islam. Islam teaches that God granted him 4th-grade prophethood and sent him into this world as a messenger; 3 years of his ministry had not been completed when God raised him up to the skies. He was present in Alam-e-Baala for 2000 years awaiting Imam Mehdi; he will return in the era of Imam Mehdi and pledge allegiance to Imam Mehdi and he will see God. One of his responsibilities will include waging a war against the Antichrist. Imam Mehdi himself will not partake in the war; rather the leader of the armies of Imam Mehdi would be Jesus Christ.

The Bible says, ‘Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.’ [Matthew 10:34]

This passage of the Bible is for Jesus’s second era; in the first era, Jesus Christ did not take up the sword.

Jesus was a messenger whom God raised up to the skies physically 2000 years ago. He has Rouh-e-Quds in his body. His birth in this world, itself, is a miracle.

Among the 124,000 prophets and messengers, Jesus is the only one for whom God amended the divine law. Every prophet came and announced his prophethood at the age of 40. Whereas when people asked Mother Mary where Jesus came from if no man had touched her, Mother Mary replied, ‘Ask him.’ Jesus was a nascent baby. He spoke and said that he was a messenger of God.

Jesus is such a great personality and he will come and become a disciple of Imam Mehdi. Who must Imam Mehdi be?

God said that Jesus is in God’s nearness. When such a great personality will come and pledge allegiance to Imam Mehdi, and Imam Mehdi will be the spiritual guide of Jesus, what spiritual benevolence will he obtain from Imam Mehdi? How can you estimate the eminence of Imam Mehdi?

if Jesus will pledge allegiance to him, then can it not be said that Imam Mehdi is the spiritual guide of the prophets? Now, if you obtain spiritual benevolence from Imam Mehdi, you will obtain benevolence from the same source as Jesus.

Is it Permissible to Celebrate Christmas in Islam?

When John the Baptist (Yahya) was born, it is said in the Koran, ‘Blessed is the moment and day he was born.’

The word used in the Koran is Sa’adat, which means happiness. Now, God is saying the moment he was born is a moment of happiness - so people will celebrate, won’t they?

If the birth of John the Baptist is a moment of happiness, what about the birth of Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ’s birth was a miracle from God. This is a matter of common sense.

Every Muslim is supposed to have faith in Jesus and in his teachings. So should his birth not be a cause for happiness for you? What does it mean when we say ‘Merry Christmas’ on that day? Merry means ecstatic happiness. Christmas is derived from Christ, which means anointed. In other words, you are celebrating the day of the one God anointed. How can this be forbidden in Islam?

The God of Islam is the same God of all. If God is happy on the occasion of the birth of Jesus, why are you not happy? Do not begrudge the prophets. What have they done to you?

There is no doubt the Muslim nation is under a curse. Everything their religion and their conscience has been sold. They have no faith. The devil lives in their hearts. The divine light of God’s oneness (Touheed) has exited their hearts. Today’s Muslims have no emotional connection to Prophet Mohammad. Their practice of religion is just customary and ritualistic.

The love of Prophet Mohammad is the first condition; if that is missing, then everything is incomplete in your religious practice. When Muslims do not respect their own prophet, how will they respect other prophets?

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