Special Message on Eid Milad un Nabi (12 Rabi ul Awal)

5 years, 11 months ago

The following is a transcript of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech

We’re only a day before Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. Today, the 24th of December, is the celebration of the birth of Prophet Mohammad. It is beautiful!

Two things are really significant in the Quran regarding Prophet Mohammad.

Firstly, that Prophet Mohammad is blessings on two legs for the whole of the universe (Quran 21:107).

Although Prophet Mohammad is universal blessings, Muslims of our times are doing the total opposite of what they should be doing. They should be winning the hearts of people through their character, through the message of the Prophet. They should have been manifesting, if they had Islam inside them, how beautiful the religion has been and how compassionate and merciful the Prophet Mohammad has been.

So this is one point about Prophet Mohammad that the Quran clearly tells the world.

Secondly, the Quran talks about the character of Prophet Mohammad: the most sublime character possible (68:4).

When you are in the surroundings of Prophet Mohammad, you will feel the vibes of love emanating from him.

The irony of today’s world is that Muslims are completely cut off from Prophet Mohammad. 200 years ago, Wahhabis changed the religion of Islam and this change was so ugly; as a result of this change, Muslims were spiritually and morally deviated because their connection with Prophet Mohammad was completely cut off. Love for Prophet Mohammad, which historically has been the principle of their faith, was removed from their practice.

Since love of and connection with Prophet Mohammad was taken out from their practice, Muslims were not Muslims anymore; their religion was not Islam anymore.

After this change, Islam disappeared and Wahhabism emerged under the lable of Islam. What people practise today as Islam is not Islam; it is actually - by all definition - purely Wahhabism.

Wahhabism is like a dead body who has been beheaded. The head of the body of Islam is love of Prophet Mohammad.

The Wahhabis, the enemies of humanity (such as Daesh, Al-Qaeda and Boko Haram) are not simply beheading people; they have also beheaded Islam. They killed the religion. Without love of Prophet Mohammad and connection with Prophet Mohammad, Islam is a body without a head. When love of the Prophet Mohammad was removed from the practice of Muslims, they forgot love altogether.

Ever since this new, ugly ideology of hatred and death from Saudi Arabia emerged, Muslims do not talk about love. Muslims talk about paradise and virgins in paradise.

Their Islamic scholars give lectures on how beautiful the virgins will be in the paradise; they describe the curves of their body. They become overwhelmed with the idea of entering paradise and immediately engaging themselves with 70 virgins. This is all their ‘Islam’ is about. The Islam established by Prophet Mohammad was a beautiful, wonderful religion.

The Arabian Peninsula was inhabited by people who knew nothing for except war, bloodshed, holding grudges, cutting each other’s throats and burying their daughters alive. 

 The coming of Prophet Mohammad in the Arabian Peninsula was a greater risk taken by God. Had Prophet Mohammad been sent to any other region of the world, people would have benefited from his presence, teachings and character at a scale that I personally cannot imagine of.

Prophet Mohammad is an amiable character, a wonderful masterpiece by God. I love his character. He is such a sublime character that you will not need to make an effort to love him. You will fall in love with Prophet Mohammad without making an effort.

Many of us have plenty of bad traits in our characters. If I want to love you or you want to love me, there are so many flaws which will deter you from loving me. You will have to convince yourself and make an effort in order to love me. When it comes to loving Prophet Mohammed, it is involuntary love. Your heart will volunteer to love Prophet Mohammad because he is such a wonderful character.

Islam is all about Prophet Mohammad; without Prophet Mohammad, there is no Islam.

What could be the impact of Prophet Mohammad’s love on his disciple? The love that you have for Prophet Mohammad will make you so absorbed in him that you would want to imitate his inner and his outer to perfection; you will begin to behave like Prophet Mohammad.

If you fully imitate Prophet Mohammad, you will never, ever in your life hate or kill anybody.

Prophet Mohammad said, ‘Killing one man is equal to killing the entire humanity.’ If this is the understanding of Prophet Mohammad about the value of a human being, just imagine: when you completely imitate him, will you ever kill any human being or hate anybody?

As we mark the celebrations of Prophet Mohammad’s birthday, we should ask ourselves: are we simply saying we are the followers of Prophet Mohammad or should we take a lesson and learn from his character and life?

As a husband, he was a wonderful husband. As a granddad, he was a wonderful grandad. As a friend, he was a wonderful friend. As a neighbour, he was a wonderful neighbour. It did not matter if his neighbour was a Christian or Jew; he couldn’t sleep without making sure that his neighbour had eaten. If his neighbour had not eaten, Prophet Mohammad would take food to them and see that they do not sleep with an empty stomach.

If you completely imitate Prophet Mohammad in and out, your character will be entwined with his character. A new character will evolve from your personality; that character will be known as Muslim.

People who simply recite the Kalima (declaration of faith) with the tip of their tongue are not Momin (true believers). They give people the wrong interpretation of the Quran. They don’t follow Prophet Mohammad; they don’t follow God’s words. They just follow their carnal desires and ego (Nafs). Their Lord, their God, is their Nafs.

Quran said, ‘The Arabs say, “We are momin.” Tell them, “Say you have accepted the religion of Islam. You will become Momin when faith enters your heart.”’ (49:14)

Holding a flag that read the Kalima will never make a Momin out of you. In order to become a Momin, the Kalima and its light have to enter into the perimeters of your heart.

Only then will evolve a character that will be known as Muslim. This will happen when you will imitate Prophet Mohammad.

I say this to Daesh (ISIS): the Quran says [to Prophet Mohammad], ‘Tell if you want to love God, then imitate me.’ (3:31)

[This means], ‘Dye your heart in Prophet Mohammad’s colour.’

If you do not imitate Prophet Mohammad, you can never love God. Those who have excluded love of Prophet Mohammad from their practice, they can never be Muslims. They are killers and terrorists. They are not Mohammadans; they are not followers of Prophet Mohammad.

They have excluded Prophet Mohammad’s imitation and love; how can they be Muslims? This is a blatant lie on the face of the world that these idiots who call themselves the Islamic State [represent Islam]; they are killers of Islam and enemies of humanity.

Alas, the people who lived in the Arabian Peninsula didn’t avail much from the presence of Prophet Mohammad. God played a gamble when he sent the best of all prophets to the worst of all human beings with the hope that only the best of all prophets could tame the worst of all human beings. It proved to be a gamble because it did not work. Even in front of Prophet Mohammad, people who were in his close proximity, like Umar bin Khattab, refused to listen to Prophet Mohammad. Umar bin Khattab did not know the protocol of Prophet Mohammad. He said the book of god was enough for him to seek guidance from; he was a complete idiot. All Muslims today who talk about killing people and terrorism are not followers of Islam; they are Wahhabis.

Let me pay my love, homage and salute the blessings upon mankind, the prophets of all prophets, the leader of all prophets and all messengers: Prophet Mohammad. We love him and we will continue to love him because he is lovable.

Although the Muslims have barred humanity from becoming recipients of the blessings of Prophet Mohammad, as soon as the Awaited One Imam Mehdi Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi returns to this world, this world will begin to enjoy all sorts of bounty and blessings from Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. He will benefit all humanity on behalf of Himself and on behalf of Prophet Mohammad also.

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