Genetic Sexual Attraction- A Crime Against Humanity

12 years, 11 months ago

Adultery is an act condemned by most religions, however today we see the practice of entering a sexual relationship without marriage is an acceptable social norm in developed countries. According to Prophetic Traditions, adultery would be respectable while marriage would be condemned during the end times. We see this today. 

Though adultery is against religious values, in this era if a man and woman agree to enter into a sexual relationship they are recognised as civil partners in developed nations. 

However, a crime termed as “genetic sexual attraction” is slowly becoming acceptable in the minds of intellectuals in developed nations. Such an act, thereof entering into a sexual relationship with immediate family members, is a crime against humanity. If it were to become a social norm, morality would decline steeply. We strongly condemn this practice and urge all to recognise it as an abhorable, immoral act. 

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