His Holiness Younus AlGohar’s Interview with the Sunday Leader

10 years, 6 months ago

Interview for 'The Sunday Leader' - Colombo, Sri Lanka
Journalist: Nirmala Kannangara
Date: 19th May 2011 

What is your speciality? I came to know that you have divine power and I am not aware of it, could you kindly tell me of it, please?
Yes, we are a multi-faith spiritual organisation.

What is the name of it?
Messiah Foundation International. It is a multi-faith institution.

What type of spirituality do you promote?
Spiritual knowledge is about enlightening the souls in our body, purifying and connecting hearts with God. This message and practical methodology is for all people of the world, no matter what religion they come from.

Do you think you have some divine power?
Divine power, in a sense that we have been granted a special method with which hearts can be connected with God, that’s the divine power we talk about. Its about bringing spiritual happiness in lives of people, and eliminating the factors of hatred from lives of people, changing their life spiritually. Especially in this scenario that all the contemporary religions we have today- people go to temples, mosques, churches, synagogues etc. but their connection with God is missing; this is why most religions are fighting.

We understand that there are two types of knowledge in every religion. Knowledge number one is religions such are Islam, Christianity, Hinduism etc. – they make you Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims etc. However, knowledge number two is for everybody, whether you’re a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, whether you belong to any religion at all. That’s the main thing and that is the core of every religion.

Our purpose is not to disturb or criticise any religion. We do not do that and we do not promote any specific religion, but what we teach is the core of every religion, divine love.

This knowledge of spirituality has become extinct in the present era, as a result of which, people are Muslims, Hindus, but the element of love is missing from their lives. When you have a religion and you do not or cannot love God, then adopting that religion becomes null and void, because love is the core of life. And we can see, as there are so many sects in Islam, people are fighting and killing each other.

When you lose God’s love from your heart, when your heart is occupied by the negative elements, when your mind is controlled by negativity, then even if you follow the best religion, you become corrupt.

I am not saying that there is anything wrong with Islam-what I am saying is, today people who practise Islam are not practising it with the aspect of love. Because we understand that Prophet Mohammad taught love, he did not teach anybody to kill another person in the name of God; but this is what we see today, and we understand this is because their hearts are void of God’s love.

It’s not just Muslims that have the element of terrorism or extremism and fanaticism in them; it’s the Hindus as well. Gandhi was killed- that is another example of fanaticism and extremism. But why does it come into religions? It comes into religions when knowledge number two diminishes; when we only know about the rituals, when we lose the knowledge that softens the heart and implants the seed of love. We’re not converting anybody into any new religion, we are teaching them to learn to love God being a Hindu, Muslim, and a Buddhist etc. That is our message.

So, how are you going to do this?
Lord RaRiaz explains that any name which is used by people to call upon God, all names are worthy of great respect; either you call him Rab, Raam, Allah, God, Aloha or Elohim, whatever name you use to call upon God is worthy of respect. 

In the knowledge of spirituality, we have a method: similar to an incident whereby we rub two stones and a spark is created, or when two clouds mingle into each other and we see lightening, in a similar way, when God’s name is repeated inside the beating system of the heart, it generates divine light.

God’s name is implanted with spiritual power into the beating system of the heart. The heart is a pumping station, it throbs and beats; now the idea is to insert God’s name in that beating system. Right now, our heart is not saying anything the sound of the fraction and circulation of blood, creates a sound, throbbing. The idea is to insert God’s name in this beating system and once God’s name is inserted into the beating system, the heart will start to say ‘God, God’, ‘Ram, Ram’, ‘Rab, Rab’, etc. It doesn’t matter what name you use to call God, but you must be able to learn how to generate divine light out of that practise. With the help of this spiritual knowledge, when the name of God is implanted in the beating system of the heart, this special method generates divine light. And with constant practise, once God’s name is implanted in the heart beats, it stays there forever, until the heart stops and we die.

Now, with God’s name inside the beating system, the generation and creation of God’s light takes place and that divine light enlightens our heart. The more divine light we have the more we begin to love and respect God.

How do you insert God’s name in the heart?
When somebody comes for the initiation, we spiritually carry out this method. We ask them to close their eyes, and with the help of spiritual authority and power (I don’t have any power, but my Master allows me to carry on and carry out this activity; I visualise my Master, and my Master inserts God’s name into the hearts of the people who want to take it). This is how it happens. And it is happening: there are thousands of people in Sri Lanka who have been blessed. Changes are coming in people’s lives, they are becoming happy. Being a citizen of this country, everybody would wish that everybody else in this country would become happy and prosper and begin to love each other- the families begin to enjoy and rejoice their life, their problems are solved, their negativity diminished.

Everybody wants to be happy, but because of the negative elements around us and because of different factors and undue hatred, we are suffering, and that will go away once the root of hatred will be taken out of our heart. The problem is not outside, it is inside. Spirituality fixes the inside.

So, now you have come to Sri Lanka, how was the response?

Is this your first visit to Sri Lanka?
No, I have been coming to Sri Lanka for 10 years.

So, there are people who have faith in your divine path?

What is their response?
Their response is wonderful, they are very happy. What I teach them, they experience it. Just one family was visiting us a short while ago, and they were telling us what they experienced, saying that the name of the Lord has entered their hearts and has changed their lives.

How were their lives earlier?
Well, I am unaware about the details of their previous life but they said that there life is changing positively, inner-satisfaction and bliss is introduced to their hearts, and they feel very pleased inside them.

Do you travel all over the world?

Are there any particular places that you wish to visit?
No, I travel all over the world. Messiah Foundation International has centres in different countries.

This foundation, are there anymore members with divine powers who could help people?

There are many, because the source is Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi. There are so many people who have been trained by His Divine Eminence RaRiaz Gohar Shahi. I am not the only one. We are working all over the world.

In addition to this, do you have some sort of power to heal people of illnesses?
We have been carrying out spiritual healing and there are accounts whereby people who suffered from cancer got healed (they have medical reports). People who suffered from heart diseases were healed.

Do you think that all these things are happening because you could take out the hatred from their heart?
No, that’s another element. Hatred versus love is different. But these are the diseases, they go away because spiritual healing is done on them.

How do you do that?
Every organ in our body has a soul and a special energy. When that particular energy is lost due to any reason, that organ is affected. Now, the remedy is in two things: energy through spirituality, or energy that comes from herbs. So we have different herbs- the remedy lies in them. We make use of those vegetables or herbs and they provide the lost energy to the organs, this is how we get healed. This is one method.

And then spirituality also has a solution, and it is very fast. The herbs that we use have to go into our stomach, if our stomach is not well, the process of healing is stretched to an unimaginable degree.

We provide through spiritual healing that lost energy. When that lost energy goes into the certain organ, that organ gets healed.

Like I explained earlier, when the name of God enters the beating system, divine light and energy is produced; when all souls are enlightened, divine energy is released when you speak or breath, so such people who have divine energy in them, when they blow upon, for example water, divine energy is transferred from them into water. Then, the ill drink this water with the divine energy, it goes into the body, and replaces the lost energy into the organ. This is how spiritual healing is conducted.

So, how successful are you in Sri Lanka?
Well, there are thousands of people who come and they talk about their experiences, their diseases. There are hundreds of them who had fatal and incurable diseases, now they are healthy and have no trace of their diseases.

If there is any truth in what we are propagating, people will witness it and experience it- and people are witnessing and experiencing it, and we are happy that we are providing them with some kind of solution. This gives us satisfaction that we are trying to serve humanity, not for money, not for any hidden agenda, just for the sake of humanity. This is the message of Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi.

That means you have never charged anything?
No, we have never charged anything. We never demand anything.

What if they try to give?
We don’t accept any money or donation.

So, how many such patients came to you?
I don’t know how many, but there are many. Every time I come here people come to me and they say their thanks.

Do you do this individually?
Yes, individually.

This message has been successful in Sri Lanka this is why there has been a grand reception. People receive us with open hearts, with the warmth of their love and they are getting all the spiritual benefits. We have our Sri Lankan representatives here. Our organisation has locals in Sri Lanka-they are the care-takers of the mission in Sri Lanka. The president is Sri Lankan, the general secretary is Sri Lankan. Of course they were healed, and this is why they believe in this message.

Healed from what exactly?
Many types of diseases, such as cancer. Some were even HIV-positive. Some of them had heart diseases.

Does it take a long time for the healing process or is it instant?
When people come to me, I blow upon them and give them water. I come back upon my next tour, after a couple of months, and they are healed. I do not know how they are healed, but they are.

Do you only give this message in Sri Lanka?
No, I travel all around the world. We have centres in Australia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Europe, Greece, United Kingdom of Great Britain, United Sates of America, Canada.

We visit all these countries and there are people who follow this message in all these countries regardless of their religious or ethnic background. Because everybody needs love, everybody needs spiritual healing.

So is the response in those countries as good as the response you received in Sri Lanka?
Yes, the response is good.

What else do you have to say?
Nothing much, for except that today we need love. And love is not verbilisation.

You were born a Muslim, am I right?

What made you go to this?
My Lord’s teachings.

Are you still a Muslim?
I practice Divine Love. I have come out from the boundary of religions.

In which age?
I met my Spiritual Master whilst I was a student in college. He enlightened my heart, and with the enlightenment of the heart I began to realise the presence of God. And he gave me more knowledge.

He said, “All religions lead to God. The religions are not the destination, it is God. People of all religions believe in God; these religions are like vehicles, they are transportation but they are not the destination, the destination is God. So have a broad mind, think about the humanity as God’s creation and serve everybody. Don’t confine or restrict the benefits of anything to one nation or religion, because all religions were created by Prophets who were sent by God. God loves everybody, why should we love only a small group of people?”

So, the teachings of Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi are broadened- diminishing all the boundaries and limitations, seeing the whole world as one global community without differences. Seeing them with a perspective of love, as one nation. So, this is what inspired me and I practically and emphatically believe in this, this is why I am promoting it.

His Holiness Gohar Shahi has been the most beautiful experience in my life. His Holiness Gohar Shahi has taught me to live with love. I sometimes fear that if I did not meet Gohar Shahi, maybe I would be taking some kind of training in some mosque, as a typical Muslim.

But His Holiness Gohar Shahi has taught me how to respect humanity, respect everybody. “Everybody is a creation of God. Don’t hate anybody.” His Holiness Gohar Shahi taught me that God is love, and cannot teach anybody to kill another in the name of God.

This element of extremism and fanaticism comes when we are not connected with God. It comes when you have the outer-layer of the religion, but the inner-layer of religion, which teaches love and connection with God, is lost.

This is the problem today, people read Qur’an, but they do not understand because they are not connected with God. What all the Prophets said was wonderful, however, we are not receiving the message in the same spirit that it was meant to be received. We have not been able to connect with God, whereas the message of every Prophet was, 'Connect your heart with God.” Now, we are after the rituals, we are concerned about the size of our beard, the perfumery, our clothing but not our connection with God, this is why we are suffering.

That’s what we need today.
Yes, that is what we need.

I have a small request. You say you can heal- could you heal me? Its very difficult for me to breathe at night because of phlegm.
Let's see, I will give you some water and blow upon it.


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