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Mehdi Foundation International is an interfaith institution because His Divine Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is a multi-religious Personality. His Respectful Highness is the one mentioned in the celestial books. The Hindus know Him as Kalki Avatar, Muslims know Him as Imam Mehdi and the Jewish know Him as the Messiah. This great Personality has been awaited for many centuries. His Respectful Highness is the one whom Jesus Christ had been awaiting for 2000 years and finally in 1997 Jesus had the honour of meeting Him. He is the eminent Personality that is liberating humanity from the shackles and complications of the religions and taking them towards Divine Love. The teachings of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi are suitable and acceptable by all humanity, through which all of humanity shall become Ummat-e-Wahida (One United Nation). All celestial books including the Quran, Bible and Geeta mention this concept of ‘One Nation.’

Prophet Mohammad said: Imam Mehdi would dispense the treasure of the Holy Kaaba

The Holy Kaaba is not the source of materialism and Imam Mehdi will not distribute the material objects. The Kaaba is the abode of God where the entire humanity obtains spiritual sustenance and the treasure of Spiritual Grace hidden within the Holy Black Stone (Hajre Aswad). His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is dispensing this spiritual treasure in the form of Divine Love to the entire humanity. For this great Personality the Bible has said the Messiah shall establish the Kingdom of God on earth. This Kingdom of God would not be a materialistic or worldly regime because in the eyes of God the importance of this world is not even equivalent to the wing of a fly. The heart of man is the dwelling place of God and the arrival of God in the heart is the establishment of the Kingdom of God. His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi is granting the hearts of all religions the Rapturous Love of God (Ishq).

It is mentioned in the Geeta and Veda’s that this eminent Personality of Kalki Avatar shall come in the Dark Times (Kalyug), in the era of heedlessness and spiritual darkness where there shall be cruelty, argument, injustice and the wrath of God everywhere. In this era, the Kalki Avatar shall turn human beings into lovers of God. It is also said that Kalki Avatar shall turn all humanity into Hindu, meaning that humanity shall become followers of the Personality who has ties to Hind (sub-continent).

A moment of thought: O’ son of Adam do not speak ill about any religion; all religions have been sent by one being. The particular name of God that the messengers, saints, and Faqir gave to their nation is the name by which they know God. The only difference is some names contain the Divine Light of Attributes (Sifaati) while others contain the Divine Light of the Personal Being of God (Zaati). The Quran alone has 99 names of God. These nations called upon God in their own languages. Muslims call God ‘Raheem’ and Hindus call God ‘Raam’. Muslims also call God ‘Ahad’ and this name became ‘God’ in English over time as it went through the different languages.

In the era of the First Caliph, Adam Safi Allah, the entire progeny of Adam was One Nation. Then, the progeny of Adam spread out into different regions and different religions were sent so that they may be distinguished. Ironically, however, human beings lost their identity and the identity of their religion and became involved in hatred and bloodshed against one another. Now God Almighty wants the entire humanity to merge into One United Nation and for this reason the Last Caliph has been sent as Kalki Avatar, Messiah and Imam Mehdi and appointed for the welfare of the humanity. God has manifested the image of this Awaited One in sacred places of different religions so people from every religion understand this Personality is not just for one religion, rather for every religion and for the entire humanity. The appearance of the image of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi in the Holy Black Stone, the Shiv Mandir, the Moon, the Sun, Mars and various other celestial bodies is evidence HDE is for all humanity. The purpose of the appearance of these Divine Signs is to dispense humanity with Divine Love.

These Divine Signs are serving humanity as an announcement by God about the designation of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. Research these Divine Signs and do not reject them on the basis of personal grudge, sectarianism, cultural discrimination and become victim of God’s wrath. This is the last message from God. Imam Mehdi/Kalki Avatar/Messiah is the last representative and Last Caliph of God. No other personality shall come after Him rather the Day of Judgement is around the corner waiting for the twilight of this world to come to an end.

O’ son of Adam do not limit your destiny to the religion because destiny lies in the Essence of God. Religions are the means to reach God. Due to narrow-mindedness and lack of intellect human beings have adopted rituals of the religion and have ignored God. O’ son of Adam remember well your heart is the dwelling place of God!

Neither is God found in the temple nor is in the church or mosque. These worship places, rituals and religions are the expression of servitude whereas God’s abode is your heart, regardless of the religion through which you successfully bring him into your heart. The essence of all religions, Divine Love, has been lost due to sectarianism and absence of Esoteric Knowledge. For this reason God has sent forth his religion through the Messenger of Love His Divine Eminence Ra Gohar Shahi so that you may supersede all religions and enter into the ‘Religion of God’ to obtain Divine Union.

O’ son of Adam do not give your religions priority over the Religion of God. Your religion was established by the prophets and is therefore mortal. The Religion of God is Love (Ishq) which is as immortal as God himself. The Religion of God is an invaluable gift for you, through which you may obtain Divine nearness, be able to see God and become united with him. Previously this religion was confined to the elite ones but the divine generosity of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi has enabled the common man to enter the Religion of God.

Attend to the call of love: ‘O’ son of Adam, what is it that holds you back? Come and embrace love! The Giver of the divine wine, HDE Gohar Shahi, invites you to quench your thirst with Divine Love. This divine wine takes the shape of the book ‘The Religion of God’.

Obtain this Divine Book today and start your spiritual journey towards nearness and union with God.


The Representative of HDE Eminence,

Younus AlGohar

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'The Religion of God' by His Divine Eminence R.A Gohar Shahi can be accessed through

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