Messiah Foundation USA at the Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day Concert

8 years, 11 months ago

This year, Messiah Foundation USA was present at the Global Citizen Earth Day Concert, held at the National Mall in Washington D.C.

There, our team spread the message of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi to many attendees. Notable dignitaries participating in the event included the United Natures Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, the President of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, and the International Monetary Fund Managing Director, Christine Lagarde.

Our team displayed a large banner depicting the Divine Signs of Lord Ra Riaz and Lord Jesus Christ on the Moon. Many passers-by approached us to study the images more closely. People of all ages, regardless of their religious background, colour, cast or creed were given the universal message of Divine Love and Global Unification. More than 1000 leaflets bearing the images of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi were distributed.

We received plenty of positive feedback during the Earth Day Concert! Many people of different nationalities and backgrounds took interest in our message and mission.

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