Mind, Body & Soul Expo, Sydney Report

12 years, 2 months ago

Messiah Foundation Australia held a booth at the 'Mind, Body & Soul Expo' at the Darling Harbour Exhibition Centre, Sydney, Australia. 

The four day expo from 4th to 7th November was very well attended. For the first two days, the event was visited by 8,000 people and by the weekend the attendance was 8,000 per day.

Messiah Foundation Australia displayed banners and distributed information on the advent of the promised Messiah Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and the second coming of Lord Jesus Christ. The message of hope was very well received by the people of Australia. The exposition reflected the multicultural community of Sydney and people of many faiths and religions heard the divine spiritual teachings of His Holiness Gohar Shahi.

MFI revealed the signs of end times, in the form of world disasters, the emergence of the Anti-Christ and the asteroid that is heading towards the earth (which is expected to cause impact by 2026 (verified by NASA, the Space Agency)). Hope was revealed to them in form of divine signs of the saviours of humanity, Lord Ra Riaz and Lord Jesus Christ.

The captivated audience were amazed that there were images on the Moon, Mars and the Holy Black Stone (in Mecca). A multitude of people took the heart meditation. People felt immense warmth and peace, and felt their heart absorb the blessings of Lord Ra Riaz and Lord Jesus.

MFI formed strong bonds with other exhibitors and were invited to hold further talks at a Local Spiritual Church in Seven Hills, a suburb of Sydney. The talk which was held on the 14th of November and was very well attended with not a seat empty. MFI were very well received and the following comment was made by Lilian Tonini (the Church President): "We hope to see you all again when you return to Australia. The energy was beautiful last night so we thank you for helping create this."

Steve Bell
Representative of MFI
Sydney, Australia

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