A Message to the International Community About Freedom of Speech

6 years, 10 months ago

The following is a statement released by His Holiness Younus AlGohar, Co-Founder of Messiah Foundation International, advising politicians on maintaining world peace.

Freedom of Speech does not mean Freedom of Insult. Do not mock any religion. If somebody mocks a religion, then condemn it; but do not start violence and do not kill anybody in the name of God, a prophet or a religion. We are living in a very sensitive world. Do not fuel the fire by mocking and ridiculing any religion.

More important than anything else is to save lives and restore world peace. Anything that generates incitement and that offends religions should be avoided. The terrorists do not have any set agenda on their mind; they are just killing innocent human beings. The terrorists are unreasonable and irrational. Intellectuals and politicians should not incite or provoke them, as they are looking for trouble. A human life is of a great value. The killing must stop now.

The Jews, the Muslims, the Christians and all others are creation of one God. God wants to love you all. Radicalisation in religions has played havoc. Do not forget the Jews have been God's favourite nation. Now is the time for humanity to turn to God's plan of Unity and Love.

Trying to curb terrorism and at the same time persistently calling inciting and provocative remarks as Freedom of Speech is irrational to me. This world is seriously infected with cancer of hatred and terrorism. Please don't worsen the disease by igniting the animals of Radical Islam.

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