Orlando Shooting: A Message By HH Younus AlGohar

6 years ago

There is sad news about a shooting in Florida. It involved a man of Afghan descent, Omar Mateen, who was born in New York, aged 29. He lived in Florida, 90 miles away from Orlando. He carried out a terrorist attack in a gay night club, Pulse, in Orlando. He killed at least 50 people. Another 53 are seriously wounded.

All sorts of theories are being discussed on the media all over the world. He is being linked with ISIS/Daesh, Islamic terrorists. As we hear, he is believed to have carried out this mass shooting in a gay club because ISIS think homosexuality is against Islam.

A lot of people follow me on Twitter and they have asked me what my opinion is on this. I have quite a few followers on Twitter who come from different backgrounds, who take their time before they comment on anything; they are those who get to the bottom of the truth before they finally give their verdict about anything. However, after this incident, some of the friends on Twitter have said Islam is a religion of hate and death because Islam does not permit its followers to engage in homosexuality.

Homosexuality in Islam

I heard through different news agencies that ISIS punished gay people. I have seen quite a few videos in which they were throwing a gay man from the top of a building and he died. However, I never really studied the Islamic point of view on homosexuality in detail and I did not know what the punishment was in Islam.

I understand, even if Islam prohibits its followers from becoming gay and awards the death penalty to those from among Muslims who become gay, it does not give any Muslim a license to go kill any gay man.

Islamic jurisdictions only apply on Muslims in a Muslim state and the USA is not a Muslim country. Secondly, the punishment is to be given by an Islamic judge, not by a common Muslim.

For example, someone maybe be a Muslim and their religion does not allow homosexuality, so they don’t like it. However, Islam does not ask Muslims to go and kill anybody who is gayIslamic laws only apply to Muslims; they do not apply to non-Muslims.

Even if a Muslim man becomes gay, in that case, a common Muslim cannot take the law in his hand. He cannot just go and kill people because they have become disobedient to God.

You cannot be a judge on matters relating to God’s commandments. If there is a law in Islam, there must be a judge as well.

Unfortunately, Islam is practised involuntarily throughout the world.

There is no established hierarchy who controls all the Muslims.

Catholics have their hierarchy: the Vatican. All the Catholics all over the world believe in the Pope. They listen to him. There is no such thing in Islam. There is no unanimous, universal leader who is respected by all Muslims all over the world.

You will find two types of people: those who will defend Islam no matter what happens and those who curse Islam no matter what happens. Nobody wants to know the reality. Those who do not like Islam, these incidents give them an opportunity to relieve their anger on Islam. Those who are peaceful Muslims and they love Islam, they try to explain to others that Islam is not bad, but at the same time they do not know what to say about these terrorists. It is a very sensitive matter.

According to the Quran, there is no such thing as the death penalty to the transgressors. However, in some Prophetic Traditions, it is narrated that death penalty should be awarded to those who engage in sexual acts with the same sex. To be honest, there are many thousands of Traditions of the Prophet, the text of which is not trustworthy anymore. I am not saying the Traditions of the Prophet Mohammad have no value at all, however the health of these Traditions of the Prophet carries a big question mark.

This law in Islam does not give license to any common Muslim to start killing people who have become homosexual. There is a law; there must be a department within Islam who interpret and uphold the law, and who bring people to justice. There must be courts.

What [Omar Mateen] has done is highly condemnable and deplorable.

It is not just Islam that does not permit people to become homosexuals. Even the Bible has the same point of view on homosexuality.

‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.’ — Leviticus 20:13

In terms of awarding sentences on homosexuality, Islam and Christianity are on the same page. Then why condemn Islam only? Even if Islam and Christianity do not allow homosexuality and they want to award the death penalty to the wrong-doers, neither the Bible nor Islam suggest that a common person should go and kill any gay man.

Let me give you an example: I commit a sin by stealing — stealing is not allowed by Christianity or Islam. If someone becomes gay, what should we do then? If I punish them and they punish me, then nobody will live here.

If Islam and Christianity do not allow homosexuality, who are you to punish them? God is the judge.

According to Islamic beliefs, there is only one sin that God said he will not forgive anybody of, and that is attributing a partner with God (Shirk). Only this sin is unforgivable.

All other sins are forgivable. God can forgive anybody at any time. So wait for God to decide whether he wants to forgive them.

If you were to kill a sinner here, before God passes a verdict about them, that would be unfair. That goes totally against the principles of any religion. God has prescribed the Day of Judgement; this is when he will announce judgement and decide who goes to hell and who goes to paradise.

In the Bible, it says that homosexuals should be put to death. However, there is a story in which Jesus Christ was walking by a mob and there was a lot of commotion. Jesus stopped there and asked people, ‘What is going on?’ They said, ‘There is a woman who committed adultery. We are pelting stones at her as punishment.’ Jesus said, ‘Halt. Don’t stone her. Is there anyone in this mob who has never committed a sin?’ There was not even a single man who had never committed a sin. Everybody was a sinner. Then Jesus said, ‘When all of you have sinned in your life, then who gives you the authority and power to punish the other sinners?’ They said, ‘Jesus, we are doing it according to the law of Moses. Do not disturb us.’ But Jesus did not allow that woman who committed adultery to be stoned to death. We have something else in the Bible, but what Jesus has done is something else.

The penalty of homosexuality is the same in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. But when a terrorist does this, all the anger comes upon the religion. They say, ‘Islam is asking you to kill gays.’ No. Islam awards death penalties to the wrong-doers but it does not ask common Muslims to carry out the execution. Then why do we have these terrorists?

We have these terrorists because of hatred and wrong interpretation [of the religion]. The Wahhabi sect has misinterpreted the religion of Islam.

If you kill somebody in some US states, you will awarded the death penalty. If you live in one of these states in and see that somebody has killed a man, and you know that according to the law, he should be awarded the death penalty, should you kill the offender yourself?

The concerned authorities will execute the punishment. If every single person becomes an executioner, then there will be nobody living.

My Views on Homosexuality

If you ask me my personal views about homosexuality, what I have to say is that I prefer a woman. I’m straight. However, if my friend wants to be a homosexual, it is none of my business. That is his life, his decision. I don’t care. Will him being homosexual have any bad effect on my relationship with my friend? No.

My point of view about homosexuality is that it is a matter of preferences. If you decide to have sexual relationship with the same sex, that is your own choice and I respect it. I want to be straight; that is my choice and I should be allowed to practise my choice. I respect your choice and you respect mine.

If somebody asks me, ‘Are your spiritual discourses, benevolence and grace confined to straight people only?’ I would say, ‘No. The blessings of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi are for everybody, for the entire LGBT community. We have no hatred for anybody. We respect humanity.’

This only a tiny issue. This is your own body. You decide what to do with this.

Religion vs Spirituality

These religions are very old. There is another problem which is very sensitive point that I would like to mention.

In these religions, more emphasis is laid on physical worship, because even when spirituality was introduced to these religions, it was just a flavour of spirituality.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the Abrahamic Faiths and their emphasis is on your physical worship and purity. They’re more concerned about cleanliness of the body. They are naive to the internal, esoteric cleanliness of the soul because that knowledge is not available for except a tiny, fading flavour of spirituality.

This is all they have; their deeds, actions and reward from God are highly dependent on how pure their body is.

When you enter into spirituality, awaken and enlighten your souls, and with the help of your souls you become unified and united with God, then you care less about the cleanliness of your body.

They do not have this brand of profound spirituality in these religions; therefore, all their emphasis lies on physical purity and purification. This is why they care so much about maintaining physical cleanliness and modesty.

For example, some people have a full-time job, on top of which they have a part-time job as well. They naturally give more importance to their full-time job. When they become redundant and their full-time job is gone, then they are left totally dependant on the few hours of their part-time job.

When you are a spiritual man, your souls are engaged with God. They’re purified, enlightened and awakened and able to make spiritual journey. They are able to hear God, love God and be with God. When this happens, you make a lot of progress. You make a lot of rewards for yourself.

Even if your body is not making any good deeds, what your souls is doing is far better for you. But those who do not know spirituality and their reward will only come from what their body will do, they are totally dependent on good actions and deeds of their body.

Since Lord Ra Riaz has introduced spirituality in the fuller meaning of the phrase, now, your goodness is dependent on purification of the soul.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam are concerned about purification of the body because they do not have the knowledge which will purify and awaken your soul. Lord Ra Riaz has introduced the knowledge which will purify your soul. Islam, Christianity and Judaism do not like homosexuality, but Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is not bothered. Messiah Foundation International is not bothered. We have the knowledge of the soul.

Your body is for this world only. When you die, your body is gone. But if your soul is awakened and purified, this purification will last forever. If your body is pure and your soul is dirty, it is useless.

If your clothes are clean and your body is dirty, it is useless.

Messiah Foundation International doesn’t care whether you are bisexual, transgender, homosexual or a lesbian. All these words describe your body. The message of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is far greater than your body. The message of Lord Ra Riaz is about awakening and purifying your soul.

We cannot deprive people of this great gift of God, the love of God, simply because they are gay or lesbian. We respect all humanity whether they are bisexual, homosexual, transgender, etc. Whoever they are, we are not bothered about their physical engagement. We are to do with their souls, spirits and hearts.

Some people are not gay, but they’re involved in other things their religion does not allow them to do. God’s point of view is: when you do that, you are actually making your body impure. [You want to maintain purity if] you want to bring God in your heart. However, if you are not even spiritual and don’t even want God to come in your heart, it is now [irrelevant] whether you’re making your body impure or pure.

Messiah Foundation International’s point of view on homosexuality is that everybody has the right to do whatever he wants to do. If God doesn’t like it, God will decide. I shouldn’t be the judge. If I want to be judge, then when I sin, I should allow people to judge me and execute [punishment] on me.

For example, you are a gay and you come to me. You say, ‘I want to befriend God.’ I give you Invocation of the Heart and say, ‘Close your eyes, say name of God three times.’ Then your image is taken to God. God knows everything about you. If he accepts you, and your heart is saying God’s name, then what of the death penalty? If God accepts you, then who are we to persecute you?

When you are a Christian, Muslim or Jew, you belong to that religion. In spirituality, you belong to God. God does not have any law for except love.

When you die, your body stays in this world; either in the grave or it is cremated. It is the soul that will be taken up there. If you soul does not have any religion, you are unclassified. Then whatever good deeds your body has done in this world, according to this worship you carried out with your body, your future will be decided on the Day of Judgement. In spirituality, your souls are enlightened, awakened ands purified. Within your lifetime, you find unification and union with God. You become one with God.

Is there reward more beautiful than this, that whilst you are here and your soul is awake, you love God and God loves you? [When you die and your] soul will go up there, you will still recognise and love God.

These religions cannot enlighten or awaken your soul. These religions will only tell you to do good with your body, to clean your body, to go to mosque, church or synagogue and verbally worship God. But your soul will be unaware of any act carried out by your body. In these religions, you follow the law of the religion completely. Even then, it is uncertain whether you will go in paradise or hellfire. No matter how good a Muslim, Christian or Jew you are, on the basis of your good deeds in this world, you can never say it with utter certainty that you will enter paradise. Only God will decide on the Day of Judgement where you should go.

The brand of spirituality that Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has introduced to this world is unique. It does not have any flavour of any religion; it is nude spirituality. In this spirituality, you’re only concerned about God and his love, not about any religion. If God is generous, then due to the presence of God in your heart, you will see you have become generous. If God is compassionate, due to the his presence in your heart, you also will become compassionate.

It is going to be like God is living among us when you have become a perfect spiritual man.

The body is like a house. We live in here in this house, so we want to keep it clean. The religion says, ‘Keep the house clean because this body is the house, and the souls are living inside.’ When the house becomes deserted and nobody is living there, nobody will keep that house clean. When the souls are enlightened, then you do not need to clean the house.

The souls will emanate divine light, which will keep your body clean.

You should not have hatred for any bisexual or homosexual because God does not look at the faces; he looks at the shiny, enlightened hearts. Secondly, even if your religion does not allow homosexuality or bisexuality, according to the same religion, you are not the judge. On the Day of Judgement, God will decide. You cannot persecute or execute anybody.

If you want to hate somebody because he is gay, then you should also hate yourself because you also do so many sins every day. Becoming a gay according to a religion is not good, but then again, think about yourself.

Do you think you have never sinned or done anything wrong? Only God is the judge. The entire humanity is accountable to God, before God. Nobody can punish anybody.

If you are a sinner, how can you hate another sinner? Everybody sins in this world.

Wahhabism and Gun Control

What has happened in Orlando, Florida is homegrown terrorism. Mateen was born in New York; he was US citizen. We have one Muslim named Muhammad Ali who recently died; he was a great Muslim who respected humanity. He said that Islam did not allow anybody to hurt and harm anybody. Then we have these Muslims.

What is the difference between the type of Muslim Muhammad Ali was and the type of Muslim that the people involved in the Paris Attacks, San Bernardino and the Orlando Shooting were?

Muhammad Ali was Sufi Muslim. Sufism has spirituality. These [terrorists] have been polluted with the Wahhabi cult.

In order to deter terrorist atrocities, all the western countries, especially the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, must wipe out Wahhabism.

They must curb Wahhabism. The better they do this, the greater it is in the best interest of humanity. It is in the best interest of their national security. We demand and request all these governments all over the world not to be just vigilant. They have been vigilant; even then, these incidents are taking place.

These incidents are not stopping because the ideology of death and hatred is not being banned. They need to ban Wahhabism.

The problem is: you are not a terrorist until you kill somebody. However, what if you have radicalised views? If you’re preaching hatred, talking about killing and jihad, then for having such views, you should go behind the bars. The government and law enforcement agencies should not wait for someone to carry out the atrocity and claim innocent lives.

There is a large presence of Wahhabis in the USA. Every time there is a shooting or terrorist activity, spokesmen from Wahhabi organisations come on television and pose as if they are sympathisers of the USA. Most of these Wahhabis are supported by Saudi Arabia and their oil money.

The government has no other choice but to crack down on these potential terrorists. ISIS is following the Wahhabi ideology. The only difference between Saudi Arabia and ISIS is the colour of their flags: Saudi Arabia’s flag is green and ISIS’s flag is black. Otherwise they’re all the same: they follow the same ideology of hatred. They are murderers. They hate humanity.

If they do not take this step now [against Wahhabis], things are going to get really serious.

They should be very quick in taking a serious step towards an organised crackdown on the Wahhabi ideology of hatred. The problem in Canada is even more severe than it is in the USA. The British government is fully aware of the Wahhabi school of thought.

Most probably, the number of potential terrorists in England is greater than it is in America, however in England there are no such incidents taking place because firstly, the British police is more intelligent and secondly, there is gun control.

I’m really puzzled when I hear the American politicians coming on CNN and Fox News and they say, ‘Gun control is not involved in this case. You cannot blame gun control.’

If you are a terrorist and you don’t have access to weapons, you can’t do anything. The type of weapon that Mateen used in this mass shooting was a military-style weapon, an assault rifle.

You only use such weapons in war. Only the military [should have] access to such weapons. If a common man has access to such delicate and sensitive weaponry, then you only blame yourself. The USA should take some serious steps on gun control.

Every now and then, there is a shooting in different states. In England, even the policemen do not carry a gun. When people do not have guns, when should the police have guns? There are a lot of questions that arise from this. For example, why should a common citizen need a weapon? What is the police for? If you want the weapon for your safety, then why do we have policing? This is the responsibility of the police. Nobody should have guns.

Then again, the people who live in America legally will decide whether they should or shouldn’t have guns. As non-Americans, we can only have talks. However, it is evident that if this man who killed 50 people in the Orlando nightclub did not have access to weapons, he wouldn’t have done that.

Regardless of whether or not the Wahhabi ideology was hammered into his brain, without weapons, he wouldn’t be able to do anything.

People need to go to the bottom of the truth. They think it is a problem within in Islam. No religion can allow anybody to kill. The human mind is very fragile; when the wrong interpretation of the religion is promoted, this mischief takes place.

Religions have problems now because religions are not being taught the right way. It is time for humanity to turn to spirituality.

We’re living in the end times. This terrorist movement is all about Antichrist. The way is being paved for the Antichrist. The hatred, bloodshed and carnage we see today is the result of hatred and the Antichrist movement.

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