Press Release: Response to Takbeer TV

11 years, 9 months ago

The following is a transcription of a speech given by His Holiness Younus AlGohar on April 11, 2011:

We are Mehdi Foundation/Messiah Foundation International and we render the practical teachings and methodology of spirituality. Spirituality as we see it today in the light of His Holiness Gohar Shahi’s instructions is a theosophical intuition, rendered by His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. Some people in the Muslim World have reservations, doubts and questions about our belief system, about the origin of our teachings, and are very reluctant to accept the fact that HH Gohar Shahi is the Awaited Imam Mehdi. The reason why these people appear to be naïve to our teachings is their ignorance of the teachings of spirituality. They have no profound knowledge of the Quran and lack of belief in the signs manifested by God.

If they take it with a just heart, without prejudice, it is very easy for anyone in this world to understand the Divine Plan. The problem with today’s Muslim is that he has put all his trust in the clergymen, in the religious clerics and he himself doesn’t want to investigate the matter. He doesn’t want to study the Quran and he doesn’t want to understand the message of the Quran himself. Most people in Islam say that they do not understand the Quran and they have left this job to the religious clerics to interpret the meaning of the Quran; this is where everything goes wrong. I have not studied even one single Hadith that says a common man cannot understand the Quran or a common man must be accompanied by an Aalim or a religious scholar to understand the Quran. What is not to be understood in the Quran cannot be understood. For example, the Secret Quranic Code (the Haroof-e-Mukatiyat); these letters cannot be understood by a common man nor by a religious scholar. It is entirely up to God whether to whom does he want to confer the meaning and the true interpretation of these mysterious letters. Most Muslims make a micky out of these signs that we propagate. For example the image of HH Gohar Shahi on the Moon and other different images, i.e the image of Lord Jesus Christ which is prominent on the surface of the Moon along with dozens of HH Gohar Shahi’s images in all corners of the planet. There are images on the Sun and there are images in the Holy Black Stone, Hajar-e-Aswad which is the most sacred thing on earth, even more sacred then the building itself where it is fitted.

Recently, somebody asked a question on a local religious TV channel, Takbeer, in the United Kingdom. And the question was, ‘Is the image of Imam Mehdi on the Moon?’ Because the one who was questioning said, 'It is now the talk of the town that Imam Mehdi has come into this world and his image is shining on the Moon and that Imam Jaffar Sadiq said the image of Imam Mehdi would shine on the Moon', in reply to this question, some Aalim from the Sunni background, namely Irfan Shah, instantly dismissed the possibility of Imam Mehdi’s image appearing on the Moon and he said it was just hocus pocus and 'There is no such thing attributed to Imam Jaffar Sadiq.'

Number one: you cannot just dismiss these images on the Moon and on the Sun and on the Holy Black Stone. You have no authority and power to do that. There is a Hadith:

Prophet Mohammad said: Imam Mehdi will not come into this world unless a sign of Imam Mehdi appears on the Sun.

This is a hadith and we have been promoting and propagating images of HH Gohar Shahi on the Moon, on the Sun and in the Holy Black Stone. So, this Hadith clearly indicates that the appearance of any sign on the Sun is directly linked with the advent of Imam Mehdi. The image of HH Gohar Shahi on the Sun clearly indicates the fact that the sign appearing on the Sun is directly linked with the advent of Imam Mehdi and this sign is the image of HH Gohar Shahi.

Let’s turn to the Moon. Now, this Aalim, Irfan Shah, who spoke very ill about HH Gohar Shahi without having proper knowledge and without having profound knowledge of the deen (religion), said the Moon has no significance in Islam. It is quite untrue. I wish the gentleman had some deeper and some more profound knowledge of the Quran before he declared himself to be a religious scholar. There is a Surah in the Quran, which is named after the Moon, 'Surah tul Qamar'.

Number two, the Moon has been marked with the verification of the Prophet-hood of Mohammad Rasool Allah. I don’t understand how these religious clerics of Islam can forget the incident of the Splitting of the Moon, when the Prophet pointed his finger towards the Moon and split the Moon; it is also in the Quran.

Quran: The hour has approached and the Moon has split up.

This is in Quran. How can we accept the theory that the Moon has no significance in Islam? Unfortunately, these Ulema in Islam are teaching ignorance to people instead of Talim (knowledge). I can give you the reference from a book called ‘Al-Ghaybah’. This book was published in Iran and this book is in Arabic with the translation in English. I would like to invite the ordinary Muslims to look into the matter and read these saying of Imam Jaffar Sadiq, and then decide who is responsible for showing mischief and distracting common Muslims from the mercy of God and who is leading these common Muslims from the camp of Imam Mehdi to the camp of the Dajjal (Anti-Christ). Unfortunately when any reference is given from Imam Jaffar Sadiq or from Imam Ali, then these Sunni Ulema say, 'We cannot accept it; it is from Shiite background.' But Imam Jaffar Sadiq himself is not Shiite. Are we going to reject everything that comes from Aima/Ahle Bayt, giving the reason that this is for Shiite only? You shouldn’t do that, it is really bad. You are not supposed to reject what Imam Jaffar Sadiq, what Imam Ali, Imam Hassan, Imam Hussain, and Zain al Abideen said. According to the Sunni belief system, all 11 Imam from Ahle Bayt are authentic and every Muslim must believe in them to sustain their emaan (faith). If you don’t do that you are not in the Ummah of Mohammad Rasool Allah. The reference from the book ‘Al-Ghaybah' clearly says that the image of Imam Mehdi will shine on the Moon.

Number three, the image of HH Gohar Shahi is on the Hajar-e-Aswad (Holy Black Stone). There is a famous hadith, and it is found in books of Ahadith, even in the Kitab of Nisab of Tableeghi Jamat, ‘Fazail ul Amal’. According to this book,

Umar bin Khattab was standing right in front of the Holy Black Stone in Kaaba along with Ali, and looking at the Holy Black Stone Umar said, ‘O’ Black Stone, I know your reality. You are nothing but a stone and I would never kiss you with respect if Prophet Mohammad did not do so and I know neither can you benefit anyone nor can you harm anyone’. When Ali heard such words from Umar bin Khattab, he interrupted Umar and said, 'You are wrong. I myself have heard it from the Prophet Mohammad that this Holy Black Stone can benefit and harm also,' and said, 'I have heard it from Prophet Mohammad that in this Holy Black Stone there is a pair of ears and a pair of eyes and there is a nose and whosoever kisses this Holy Black Stone, this Holy Black Stone is going to provide that person with a definite intercession on the Day of Judgement.'

Now my question is, according to the description given by Ali, if you draw a pair of ears eyes and a nose, what will it become? It will become a face. Now these Ahadith and Quran are not for dumb people, it is for those who utilise their brains. It is a matter of common sense. There are ears, eyes, and a nose; if you draw all these three what do you come up with? You come up with a face. So this Hadith clearly indicates that there is a face in the Holy Black Stone.

But Ulema who have shar (mischief) in their fitrat (nature), in their Qalb (heart) and who are hell-bound, they cannot understand the truth behind it, they only reject the truth. These Ulema who have a 10 metre long tongue against HH Gohar Shahi, if they want to establish the truth, then come and have an open discussion with me.

Why We Believe HH Gohar Shahi is the Awaited Imam Mehdi

In the light of all these Ahadith, in the light of Quran and in the light of the Divine Signs that Allah Almighty has manifested on different celestial bodies, the Sun, Moon, Mars, Holy Black Stone, we understand and firmly believe that HH Gohar Shahi is the awaited Imam Mehdi and we can sacrifice our lives on this agenda. We can put our lives on this because this is our belief, not because we were told to believe it. Our belief is based on our experience and observations, and our belief is strengthened by the Surah, Ayat and different signs of God that have been mentioned in Quran and Ahadith. We did not fabricate this belief system at home. We have come to belief that HH Gohar Shahi is the awaited Imam Mehdi because the Quran is pointing towards HH Gohar Shahi, to believe HH Gohar Shahi is Imam Mehdi; because the ahadith are directing us, instructing us, and indicating to us that Gohar Shahi is Imam Mehdi.

Gohar Shahi is the one who opened our hearts. Gohar Shahi is the one who enlightened our hearts. Gohar Shahi is the one who initiated our souls. Now our hearts are engaged in constant remembrance, recollection and invocation of God. If any of the Ulema including Tahir ul Qadri have this authority and power, we challenge them to initiate one heart with Allah Hu; take one person to see Mohammad SAW; take one person to see God. And if you cannot do that, then Gohar Shahi is Gohar Shahi. Mohammad Younus AlGohar can take people to Mohammad SAW in one minute. This is my challenge to all the Ulema and I challenge them that Gohar Shahi is the Awaited Imam Mehdi and his powers are unlimited. This is not just a claim, we can put this claim into practise. Come hither with an open heart and we can put God's remembrance in your heart. Come here O' blind of hearts and with the help of Gohar Shahi's power we will initiate your heart with Gods remembrance and we will with the help of HH Gohar Shahi, take you to the court of the Prophet where you can see the Prophet with your two physical eyes. This is my challenge to all the Ulema in Islam.

The Muslims need Quranic and Spiritual knowledge. Unfortunately they do not have the right interpretation of the Quran and they do not have the Spiritual knowledge. It is really sad that people who call themselves as Ulema, especially individuals like Tahir ul Qadri who pose to the world as if they are aware of Batini Talim and they are practitioner of Sufism, but their knowledge of Spirituality is very limited and often times it is confined to the phraseology of the Spiritual books that they might have read. And they also belong to a Murshid (Spiritual Guide), but their Murshid also do not have the very profound knowledge of Spirituality. Their interpretation of Quran is not accurate and they are deprived of the correct meaning of the Quran. Their knowledge is based on the books and on the writings of Sufis. But they are not in possession of the practical methodology of Sufism.

Batini (Inner) Knowledge

We talk about Zikar-e-Qalb and Zikar-e-Rouh and Zikar of Ana and Latifa-e-Sirri, Ikhfa, Khafi and we promulgate the mortification of the Self (Laitifa-e-Nafs, Tazkiya tun Nafs). The concept of mortification that we have is very practical, very clear and it is established and verified by the Quran and Ahadith. However their explanation to these special subtleties is very superficial and the main core of Spirituality is not targeted or aimed at and the interpretation of the Quran suffers the same. I am really surprised why these Ulema who also accept the existence of Batini Knowledge, why do they not turn to the Sufi interpretation, to the Sufi methodology? Because I understand that these great Sufis like Baba Farid, Abdul Qador Jilani, Chishti, Data Ganjh Baksh, Sultan Haq Bahu- whatever they understood, they understood either from the Quran or direct from Prophet Mohammad. We believe their knowledge is true and whatever they have derived from the verses of Quran and saying of the Prophet is approved by the Prophet. Why don’t they look into the spiritual methodologies presented by Sultan Haq Bahu? If you listen to these scholars you will not have the same taste as you have in the teachings of Sultan Haq Bahu or Bulleh Shah. Their talk is not enriched with the Sufi touch, Sufi intuition or Sufi doctrine.

We understand there are two types of Quran: Quran number one, which is available in printed form and every tom dick and harry has access to it. There is another Quran which is mentioned in this Quran by the title of Quran-e-Maknoon, about which the Quran itself says, 'The impure ones cannot touch it.' I am really surprised at the understanding of these Ulema when they twist the meaning of the Quran. These words of Quran say, 'The impure ones cannot touch it', right? If the impure ones cannot touch it, then why do people touch it? If it cannot be touched then it should not be touched, it must not be touched. If you cannot touch it it means you do not have the ability to touch it. If you do not have power and ability to touch the Quran then how can you possibly touch it? if you translate this word can in English, can means ability. 'I can do it'. A simple translation of this sentence is, 'I am able to do it'. 'I cannot do it'. A simple translation of this sentence is, 'I am not able to do it'. Now impure ones cannot touch the Quran, therefore impure ones are not able to touch the Quran. If they are not able to touch it then how could they touch it? For a long period of time, the Quran was printed in Italy. Do you think those in Italy are pure ones? They are printing the Quran, they are touching it. The Quran says impure ones cannot touch it. It simply means this Ayat is not for this Quran that you are holding in your hands. But even Sheikh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri cannot understand it; blind people! They have big names, big lectures but they have no understanding of the Quran. 'The impure ones cannot touch it.' A simple translation of this is, 'the impure ones are not able to touch it'. If they are not able to touch it, they will never be able to touch it until they become pure. This is why they have this law in Sharia: without ablution you cannot touch the Quran; this is based on their misunderstanding. Why? Because this Ayat is not for this Quran that you are holding, and when this Ayat was revealed was the Quran in this form? When there was no book then what were you supposed to touch and what were you not supposed to touch? When this Quran was not in a bookish form, then why this Ayat was saying 'don’t touch it', you cannot touch it! The Quran was not in that form! ‘The impure ones cannot touch it’ it is for Quran-e-Maknoon; and those who are impure even if they tried they cannot touch Quran-e-Maknoon because they don’t have access to it. This Ayat was revealed before the Quran was brought into a bookish form. What is Quran-e-Maknoon? It is in the Qalb of Mohammad SAW and the impure ones cannot touch it.

'Lā Yamassuhu 'Illā Al-Muţahharūna' (Al-Waqaih 79)

'None but the pure ones can touch it'. 

Now the question is, when we talk about purity, is it referred to external cleanliness only? There is another Hadith: cleanliness is half of emaan. So if you have taken a shower, you are half Momin? So easy! It’s crazy isn’t it? Then every Tom, Dick and Harry is half Momin. HH Gohar Shahi said, 'No no, inner purification is half emaan, and when you are purified inside and then you offer Salat and other ibadat, then you are a complete Momin.' Not external cleanliness; if it was external cleanliness then in summer emaan would rise because people would take a shower every other day. They have screwed up the religion, these Ulema! This refers to Quran-e-Maknoon, that 'You cannot touch it until you have become purified' and purification is of the inner. Even if this Islam does not mandate for you to take a shower you will take a shower. Those who don’t believe in any religion, don’t they take a shower? This is in the nature of a human being. This cleanliness refers to that of Batin.

It is very strange that so many learned Ulema have earned good names in the field of translation and collection Ahadith. But I am just really surprised how could they could miss this point, which is pretty close to common sense? If you cannot touch something how can you touch it? Number 2: when this Ayat was revealed, Quran was not in bookish form so how could this ayat mean 'don’t touch the bookish form'?It was not in bookish form. If you have common sense you can understand it.

I want to give you references from Ahadith and Quran so you can understand how wrong these Ulema are in their understanding and judgement. There is a hadith: a Momin is never unclean. Now in that case, all Momineen should be allowed to touch this Quran without Wadu, what do you think? There is a story behind it. There was a companion of the Prophet and what happened, the Prophet came to see him and knocked on his door. Now, the companion of the Prophet just as the Prophet knocked on the door was having sex with his wife. He heard the knock and he said, 'who is it?' The voice said, 'this is Mohammad'. So, what happened because all the true companions of the Prophet loved him so much, it was impossible for him to do anything there and then. So, immediately he parted with his wife, he disengaged in that intimate company and without cleaning himself he opened the door. And as soon as he came out the Prophet Mohammad held his arms very firmly and started to walk. Now he was reluctant and many times he said, requested to the Prophet to allow him to go and clean himself. He said, 'Ya Rasool Allah I am unclean and in this condition I do not want to touch you. I need to go back, take a shower and come back.' But the Prophet smiled and he did not let go of him. He said, 'No,' and then he said it, 'A Momin is never unclean'.

Can Tahir ul Qadri tell me if this book of Quran is greater than Mohammad Rasool Allah? Can any Muslim on earth tell me is this Quran greater than Jism-e-Mohammad SAW? Can any Muslim tell me is anything greater than the verdict of Prophet Mohammad himself? Is Sharia greater than Mohammad SAW's word and understanding? According to this Hadith a Momin is never unclean, and Prophet Mohammad held is arms very firmly and he kept on strolling. He didn’t stop.

Now on one hand we have this hadith, whereby a companion of the Prophet was physically unclean. We understand that don’t we? He was physically unclean because he was having sex with his wife and he parted with his wife and without cleaning himself he went out and Prophet Mohammad grabbed him and held his arms tightly and kept on walking. And when Prophet Mohammad was insisted to allow him to go so that he could take a shower, Prophet Mohammad gave his verdict and he said, 'O' Zubair bin Talah, a Momin is never unclean.' Now tell me if you have had sex with your wife and Prophet Mohammad allows you to touch him and says you are not unclean… do you think this book of Quran is greater than Prophet Mohammad? Your ideology is hooked up crooked up. It is wrong. There are Ahadith: Aisha, wife of Mohammad SAW during her periods Prophet Mohammad used to lie in her lap and Gabriel would come an reveal the Ayat and Prophet Mohammad did not part with Aisha just because she was having periods. So where is you cleanliness, your Wadu? This is a concocted masalah in Islam. There is no such thing as making a Wadu before touching Quran. What is the core of Quran? Ism-e-Zaat Allah. Is there anything greater than Ism-e-Zaat Allah in Quran? No! Now tell me,

Quran says 'Ula ikatala fee qaloob-e-him emaan.'

'On the hearts of Momineen emaan is written in the form of Ism-e-Zaat Allah'.

Those who have the word Allah written on their hearts what do they do now? If they are unclean they cannot touch themselves? I can tell you one more thing. Somebody came to see HH Gohar Shahi in Manchester and what happened, he said, 'Your Holiness I have a very dreadful thing to tell you.' HH Gohar Shahi said, 'Nothing is dreadful tell me what is it?' He said, 'Its strange.' HH Gohar Shahi said, 'You are not telling me so let me tell everybody what do you want to say now.' HH said, 'He is in trouble because he can hear the word Allah Hu coming out from his testicles.' HH said, 'Word Allah eventually mixes in your bloodstream and the word Allah travels in your bloodstream; wherever the blood will go word Ism-e-Allah will be heard there.' Can you have a dick without blood? The same blood is going there. Don’t take it as a joke. It is reality. When Ism-e-Zaat aAllah enters you, you become pure. You are no more unclean. I have given to references from a Ahadith and from Quran. It is up to you now.  

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