Press Release: The Mumbai Bombings

11 years, 6 months ago

Press Release: The Mumbai Bombings                                                                     

We from Mehdi Foundation India are very saddened to hear of the bombings carried out by terrorists in Mumbai this evening (July 13th), in which at least 21 people died and 141 others were injured. We strongly condemn these cowardice explosions in Mumbai. These bomb-blasts are expressions of hatred and are a crime against humanity.

We are Sufi Muslims, and we follow and believe in His Divine Lordship Sarkar Gohar Shahi. As such, we love all religions and nations, and we strive for peace and love. We are part of Mehdi Foundation International, which includes people from all national and religious backgrounds including Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, and Muslims. We do not have hatred for any religion; rather, we consider Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and all others to be our brothers and sisters in love, and we do not differentiate between them. Our message is love and peace. We understand that all religions are from God, regardless of what name they use to call upon God; whether they call Him Allah, Ishwar, Ake Onkar, Rab, Om, or God. It does not matter whether one goes to a Mosque or a Temple, for in our eyes they are equal. Our doors are open for people of all religious and national backgrounds.

It is very disheartening for us when we see such occurrences. It does not matter whether the terrorists are Indian or Pakistan or whether they claim to be following a religion or not; a terrorist is a terrorist. The devil does not have any religion. These terrorists are agents of the devil, and their only purpose is to harm humanity and spread hatred. We curse such people, and we take them to be worse than animals and the devil. They encourage humanity to hate one another and fight amongst each other.

 We would also like to say that many times there is more to it than what meets the eye; it is a possibility that this terrorist attack was politically motivated for we have seen that many politicians are corrupt. As far as allegations go in regards to Pakistan being responsible for today’s bombing, it seems unlikely because Pakistan itself is in such a terrible state with bombings happening everyday in all regions of Pakistan. In addition, Pakistan’s government is disorganised and its leaders are uninterested in anything else but taking money from the citizens of Pakistan, therefore the chances of them sending over suicide bombers are slim.

We advise the people of India to keep their eyes open and condemn these bombings as acts of hatred against humanity. We also believe it is important to not jump to conclusions or baselessly place allegations on one another, for doing so only spreads hatred.

We at MFI support the government of India and are ready to provide whatever help we can. If hatred is responded with hatred, then hatred will spread. However, if hatred is responded with love, hatred will be finished. We would like it to be known that love is not the use of sweet words; love can be found in those hearts which have the Noor (Divine Light) of God. When the devil occupies the hearts, their hearts are infected with hatred. MFI and the Awaited Imam Mehdi/Messiah/Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi are forcing the devil to leave the hearts of humanity. Once the devil leaves their hearts, hatred diminishes and their hearts become connected to God and filled with love.

We request the support of all governments, so that terrorism in the world can be stopped forever. As long as hatred exists in this world, so will terrorism. To stop terrorism we do not need an army, we need the Awaited One Ra Gohar Shahi for His Divine Sight clears the hearts of the devil’s presence and fills them with God’s presence instead.  His Divine Lordship Ra Gohar Shahi proclaims, “‘To bring God into your heart’, this message is not for just one religion or group, it for everyone”. It does not matter what religion one belongs to; Divine Love supersedes all religions. When all hearts will have God’s love, then they will all look at each other as brothers and sisters no matter what religion they follow, and hatred will diminish in the hearts.

Safe Gohar

President Mehdi Foundation India

Mumbai, India

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