Report: MFI at the Body Mind and Spirit Expo in Chicago!

8 years, 3 months ago

A team from Messiah Foundation USA set up their booth  at the Body, Mind and Spirit Expo in Northlake, Chicago on March 5-6th. There, Messiah Foundation offered visitors free spiritual healing and granted Invocation of the Heart. The expo was attended by approximately 3000 people who were very receptive to Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi's message of divine love. Our stall was consistently busy throughout the two days of the expo! The expo team was overwhelmed by the positive response. 

Our team also displayed a large banner depicting the images of Lord Ra Riaz and Lord Jesus on the Moon and Holy Black Stone

Many people had wonderful experiences at our booth. One such person, Ms. Tetyana L. heard our message and took Invocation of the Heart. She told our team that she could feel immense peace and vibration here at our stall, due to which she spent a considerable time with us. 

Another recipient of Invocation of the Heart stated that what he experienced was extraordinary, greater than what he felt at church or during previous meditation sessions. He said, ‘It really reaches your core. I definitely recommend this.’ 

Stephanie P. also received Invocation of the Heart of the divine name, Ra Riaz. She said, ‘As I closed my eyes and said the mantra, I started feeling like I was spinning counter-clockwise. My heart got a more rapid beat and I started sweating. So, something happened and I feel really good!’ 

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