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Interview Transcript:

Shanika Weligamage (Presenter): Today we have in Sri Lanka the Universal Representative of Kalki Avatar Foundation, His Holiness Younus AlGohar to discuss about Kalki Avatar Foundation.


Q: Can you tell us, what is Kalki Avatar Foundation?

A: Kalki Avatar Foundation is a spiritual organisation and it is a multi-faith spiritual organisation. We do not represent any particular religion or faith. We talk about spirituality and our message is to all humanity.


Q: That means it links up with spirituality?

A: Spirituality, purely.


Q: If so, can it bring a change in the society and how?

A: I believe it can bring a change in the society and this change will come when, through spirituality, hearts are enlightened, the hearts are filled with love and the elements of hatred and negativity are diminished with the help of spiritual power and enlightenment. It can bring a very positive change in the society.


Q: We get information on enlightenment in Buddhism and other religions in other forms. So Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi also mentions enlightenment. What do you mean by this?

A: Enlightenment and spirituality has been part of every religion and basically all religions were empowered with enlightenment and spirituality. However, with the passage of time, spiritual knowledge became diminished in the religions. And in today’s world, religions are without spirituality and enlightenment. We are just talking about enlightenment.


Q: Can a common person become spiritual and obtain enlightenment?

A: Of course all human beings, if they want to can become enlightened and spiritualised.


Q: What is the heart of meditation?

A: Meditation is about putting God’s name inside the beating system of the heart. And when God’s name is synchronised inside the beating system of the heart, then involuntarily the heart begins to say the name of God.


Q: How do you do it normally?

A: With spiritual power, God’s name is inserted in the beating system of the heart and the heart begins to say -


Q: Is it through meditation?

A: Well, once the heart is initiated, then the secondary sort of thing is meditation. Meditation can only be established once God’s name is synchronised in the beating system of the heart.


Q: Does meditation help in all religions?

A: Well, it should help all religions.


Q: How do you mean that the spirituality helps a person in his daily life? How?

A: We have two positive and negative things in our body: negativity which of course is the cause of all roots. And we have hatred and other negative elements in life; this is because we are not taking care of our positive side in the human beings. That can only be taken care of with the help of spirituality and enlightenment.


Q: Is there a connection to the teachings of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi with religion? If so, what is your religion?

A: Like I said, we do not in particular represent any religion. We preach spirituality and spirituality is the core of all religions.


Q: Then who is Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi?

A: Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, we believe, is the true representation and presence of God.


Q: How can we say that Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is the Awaited One Personality?

A: Because there are so many signs which we have seen and on top of that the teachings and spiritual authority, spiritual power and the fact that HH Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is addressing all humanity without prejudice and benefitting all human beings without the creed, colour, cast or their religious background. We understand this can only be done by the Awaited One.


Q: So is the Kalki Avatar the last Avatar after obtaining enlightenment?

A: Yeah, Kalki Avatar is the last Avatar.


Q: So how can a common person recognise or understand the true Kalki Avatar?

A: A common man is busy with his life and doesn’t have much time to contribute towards recognising such a mighty personality. The only thing that we understand will help a common person is to give them some kind of spiritual benefit that can always show in his day to day life. People are suffering with incurable diseases and people are not happy with their life. Hatred has taken place in the heart.

When a common person feels that the teachings of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is bringing a positive change and they’re getting cured of the incurable diseases that they have been suffering from (even with a large amount of money they were not able to cure those diseases, and they’re healed by Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi), I hope they will understand that this is not only proving the fact that His Holiness Gohar Shahi is the last Avatar, but also it’s working for them. And they will understand and recognise the time and the presence of His Holiness Gohar Shahi on earth.


Q: Is He is a spiritual Avatar?

A: Both physical and spiritual.


Q: So how can you say Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is the Kalki Avatar?

A: Because like I said, we have seen so many signs that were foretold.


Q: What kind of special signs?

A: For example, He would be seen riding a white horse; and that is not just physical, it is in the spiritual realm also.

He will diminish hatred from the society; and His teachings are already doing it. In this day and age people have become very intolerant towards each other; one does not want to know anybody else’s religion or their belief system. But the teachings of Kalki Avatar Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi are bringing all humanity into one platform. People are beginning to forget hatred and they’re learning to respect and give space to each other. They’re becoming tolerant.


Q: What mantra do you grant to the Hindus to produce Shakti?

A: Ra Raam.


Q: Do you grant mantras to other people, other than Hindus?

A: Yes.


Q: People are worshipping in temples, churches, mosques, etc. So why is suffering still there?

A: I believe the reason why people are suffering today is because they have distanced themselves from the core teachings of their religions. We believe no religion is bad; all religions are good. But today people are suffering because Christians are not good Christians anymore, Muslims are not good Muslims anymore, Hindus are not good Hindus anymore.

So if they become good in their religion (they learn to respect their own religion and they adopt spirituality), then all religions will become good and we will live in a better society.


Q: People are using the religions for their own benefit and for their own advantage. What do you say about this?

A: That is true. They’re doing it because they’re not enlightened. They’re selling the name of God, they’re selling religions - they’re selling everything. And it’s not just in the religions; you can see it in all fields of life: politicians are doing the same, spiritual people are doing the same, religious people are doing the same, and this is the case in every country.


Q: How can a common person approach Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi?

A: The image of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has become prominent on the Moon and people can look at the image of Lord Ra Riaz on the Moon. They can obtain spiritual healing and Initiation of the Heart, and they can benefit from it.


Q: What is the role of Kalki Avatar Foundation in Sri Lanka?

A: The role of Kalki Avatar Foundation in Sri Lanka is to help people with the diseases they’re suffering from, to help them understand the meaning of life and how to obtain love, and build up a better society in Sri Lanka where all religions can live with love, peace and tolerance.


Q: It is said that the image of His Holiness Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi on the Moon has become a prominent image. How does it help people get rid of their problems and incurable diseases? How do you heal the people?

A: The image of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi on the Moon, we believe is not just an image, but it is one of His spirits. People need to repeat the name of God three times – whatever religion do they practice and whatever name of God they use to call upon God – and they obtain spiritual healing from the image of Lord Ra Riaz on the Moon.


Q: Can the people suffering from incurable diseases be benefitted by your spiritual services?

A: They already are. There are thousands of cases in Sri Lanka where people got healed and they’re reaping the benefits of Kalki Avatar Foundation’s presence in Sri Lanka. 2- All of our services are free, we’re not selling God’s name.


Q: You never charge any money for these services?

A: No, nothing.


Q: So can Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs, etc. follow Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi? Any community can follow Him equally?

A: Of course, equally.


Q: So how are Sri Lankans responding to the peace and prosperity of the country by adopting spirituality?

A: People are responding really well. They understand that we are here for love, peace, and physical and spiritual prosperity of this country. There are thousands of people who are now becoming a part of Kalki Avatar Foundation in Sri Lanka.


Q: Do you want to give a message to Sri Lankans?

A: My message to my brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka is to live in love and peace and adopt spirituality. Show tolerance to all religions we have in this country. Let live and live well.


Q: How can love and peace prevail in the world?

A: Only by diminishing the negative elements. We have negativity in our body; some call it evil presence and some others call it negativity. We have to enlighten our body and souls. Only with the help of divine light, when it is produced in the heart and starts to mingle in our bloodstream, will we get rid of negativity.


Q: Let’s talk about meditation. What types of methods will you adopt for this service? Can you show us?

A: We believe and understand meditation has to do with the soul and the heart. So before we actually invite people to meditate, we want their souls and the spirit to adopt the light of God’s name. And we have this special spiritual method, with the help of which we insert God’s name in the beating system of the heart. When people begin to hear and feel the vibration of God’s name inside their heart, only then we ask them to establish meditation. And only then does that really practically and spiritual help them.


Q: Do you believe meditation comes from genes or family? If a newcomer was to do meditation, how can he start it? What exercises would he have to do? Would he have to relax his mind?

A: There are so many meditations we see in the world. Some people attribute meditation to yoga practices, however, we understand that meditation is a purely spiritual thing and it has got nothing to do with genes or it doesn’t come from the family. Anybody can reap the benefits of establishing meditation. Meditation is a very spiritual thing; it’s about concentrating on your soul and at the same time focusing on God’s name on your souls. That will then establish meditation.

What actually happens in meditation? When we meditate upon a certain soul, that soul (if it is already spiritualised and enlightened) leaves the body during the meditation. It makes spiritual journey to whichever realm it is connected to. This is how a meditation is established.


Q: How long does it take to come back?

A: Well that depends. If you don’t want to break the meditation, the meditation can go as high as 2 hours, 3 hours, 10 hours, 24 hours.


Q: Are there any stages of meditation that you can achieve?

A: There are many stages of meditation. Some spiritual individuals have established a meditation which lasted for 17-18 days.


Q: So can you explain the stages of meditation?

A: We have seven souls in our body and we can meditate on each soul. So there can be at least five different stages of meditation.


Q: We see today that humanity is divided into groups on the basis of their religions. Why is it so?

A: Because with the passage of time people have modified their religious books and altered the original divine text. And this has caused them to misinterpret the primary message of their religion. And this is causing a lot of rift in humanity and people are now away from the primary purpose of the religion.


Q: How can you say the image on the Moon is that of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi?

A: Because we have the photographs of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and we can recognise it. We invite others to do the same.   


Q: That means that anybody can see it?

A: Yes, anybody can see it.


Q: Are the blessings of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi confined to Hindus only?

A: No, for all humanity equally.


Q: What is the religion of the followers of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi?

A: Divine love.


Q: Do you find any difficulties in promoting this message all over the countries?

A: No.


Q: So, how do you see the future of the world?

A: The future of the world is really horrible.


Q: So many people talk about the end times. What do you say about this?

A: The end times, I believe, are near and this is why we are promoting spirituality and divine love. When the Kalki Avatar is finally here, this is the announcement that the end times are near.


Q: Why is the world becoming worse day by day? Do you think there is a link between the world’s problems and the religions?

A: This problem is getting worse because people are only thinking about their bodies and the luxuries and comforts of their bodies. They have forgotten to take care of their souls. This is why peace of heart and mind is missing from their lives, and greed, injustice and corruption has taken place. Because they have distanced themselves from the core message of their religion. Divine love has diminished and hatred has taken place; and when the hatred and evil power is inside the heart, it only promotes corruption, injustice, greed and all that.


Q: Do you believe in heaven and hell? People say when you do good things, after that you will go to heaven. And when you do bad things in your lifetime, after that you will go to hell. What do you say about this?

A: We believe in heaven and hell.


Q: In the Japanese meditation system, they have alpha, beta, theta, which are stages in achieving meditation. They use electronic methods. Do you think there is any link with religion?

A: There are two types of belief systems in the world today. 1- Those which were established by prophets and messengers, and God helped them, so they were from God. 2- And some other religions were manmade. So, man also has created some meditation principles, but we understand you cannot reach God with a set of principles that were not introduced and created by God.


Q: Some priests in the Himalayas get into ice-cold water, but it seems to them that the water is steaming hot. They say it is because of the power of meditation. What do you say about this?

A: Well, it can be true because the human body is very intelligent and it can adapt to different situations and conditions. As I earlier said, according to our belief system, meditation is a very spiritual thing. However, some people also attribute yoga to meditation; this can be a yoga practice.


Q: A lot of people follow this type of meditation in America, Europe, etc. to help solve their problems. Do you think it has a positive effect on people?

A: Indian gurus go to America a lot, like Deepak Chopra. And they are promoting meditation there. However, I understand that by just focusing your mind on certain things, it can give you a little bit of peace of mind but it will not solve the problems. We need to solve the problems for the permanent solution of peace of mind.


Q: Are the followers of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi vegetarians or non-vegetarians?

A: Because the followers of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi are not from one religion, they’re from different religions, they find the teachings of Lord Ra Riaz very helpful and they’re learning spirituality. So those who come from a vegetarian background strictly follow their regime. However, some other followers who come from Catholicism, Christianity, Muslim background, they follow their religious principles.


Q: Do you think vegetarians get the power of meditation easier than others?

A: I think becoming a vegetarian is very good for health and it does really help an individual to progress in meditation.


Q: Today the world is suffering from terrorism. So what is your solution?

A: Terrorism is because of intolerance and also the understanding that ‘I am right, the other one is wrong’. When you think you are right and all others are wrong and you are so fanatic about it that you do not want to accept their presence, this is fanaticism and extremism. We shouldn’t have such things in our society.

But the only solution to this wave of terrorism is to give them knowledge and true interpretation of their book. And that true interpretation should come from enlightened people who are connected with God, not those who have become gurus and Sufis by reading books. Because these books have been written by individuals who may be affected by some other opinions. Then again, it is the matter of interpretation. We need a spiritual personality to interpret the divine books today.

 I do not think any religion on earth can allow one individual to kill another one in the name of God or in the name of any religion. It’s just that people do not have the right interpretation and the correct understanding of the religion.


Q: Can we change people involved in terrorism psychologically through meditation?

A: You see, these people who are now becoming part of terrorism, they have their incentives and different agendas. We need to educate individuals and we need to educate them correctly. And this is the only solution that I understand will help them get rid of their intolerant belief system.


Q: So the Kalki Avatar Foundation helps put such people on the correct manner? How?

A: Of course. The teachings of spirituality are based on love. Love for all. Love of human beings, love of God. One who loves God cannot hate and kill a human being.


Q: How do you approach correcting such a person?

A: We spiritualise them. We give them this Initiation of the Heart. When God’s light enters his heart, that light of God will wipe out the elements of hatred and negativity from him. And once the heart has become enlightened and the mind has become enlightened, then people will not be inclined towards fanaticism, extremism and terrorism.


Q: Incurable diseases like cancer - do you think it can be cured?

A: It has cured many.


Q: How do you approach it?

A: We just use the divine light that Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has invested in certain individuals. They meditate and blow upon them, and this is how they are healed.


Q: Suppose that I am a cancer patient. How can I approach and get the divine light?

A: Well obviously if you were a patient and you knew about me, you would contact me. And then I would do the spiritual healing on you.


Q: Do you charge a fee for your services?

A: No. All services are free of charge.


Q: What if alcoholics wanted to join in order to get rid of their addiction?

A: Yeah, everybody can join.


Q: So is there any requirement to be a follower of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi?

A: No.


Q: Even a child can join?

A: Of course.


Q: So, how do you see the people of Sri Lanka responding towards this spirituality?

A: They’re being very earnest and they are responding really well. They are adopting the message of spirituality, message of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, and they are benefitting from it.


Q: Is Sri Lanka safe from natural disasters like tsunamis?

A: I can’t say that. A natural disaster is a natural disaster. A natural disaster will not ask any spiritualist before it comes.


Q: There are so many problems in the world. People think, ‘Is there any God? Where is he? Why did he create so many problems in the world?’ What is your answer?

A: My answer is very clear: I do not know why people attribute these problems to God. People have made these problems themselves and if they are holding God responsible for these problems, it would be really silly.

Number 2, we do talk about God only when we’re in trouble and we don’t seem to come out of these problems. But we do not feel the need to be connected to God and we don’t want to love God, we just want to ask God to help our problems. It doesn’t work like this. God will take care of people who are really connected to God, they love God and God will love them. People need to make sacrifices to become enlightened ones and spiritual ones. Historically speaking, all these individuals, in all religions, before they became enlightened and mighty personality, sacrificed a lot. They went into jungles, they enlightened themselves, they purified themselves, they made a lot of sacrifices. And once they became friends of God, they helped the entire world. We need enlightenment and we need spirituality.

I don’t think God has created these problems. It’s the human beings that created these problems. God never asked anybody to do anything wrong. If we do wrong and we hold God responsible for it, it would be really injustice.


Q: After death, what happens to a person?

A: After death, our body is either cremated or buried in the grave, and the soul departs to the heavens.


Q: Is there a decrease in the [human] population because people are dying a lot?

A: Yeah, people are dying in great numbers, but at the same time people are born in large numbers. 


Shanika Weligamage: We thank His Holiness Younus AlGohar for delivering the message of love and peace. 

HH Younus AlGohar: Thank you very much.  


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