The Unprecedented Miracles of the Awaited One

11 years, 7 months ago

In regards to the Awaited Imam Mehdi/Messiah/Kalki Avatar, Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi stated, “Imam Mehdi would be like no other. The miracle of the Mehdi would be unprecedented in the entire history. The miracles of Imam Mehdi will leave the world in the state of awe.”Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

The following accounts are of people, many of whom were suffering from incurable and terminal illnesses, who were either healed through the power of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi’s name, His image, or through direct contact with Lord Ra Riaz’s Representative, His Holiness Younus AlGohar.

Mr. Qayyum Mohammad, Pakistan: Mr. Mohammad was suffering from tuberculosis and had a brain tumour. He requested His Holiness Younus AlGohar to spiritually heal him, and is now completely healthy.

Ms. Shaheen Ahmed, United Kingdom: Ms. Ahmed had breast cancer. After spiritual healing from His Holiness Younus AlGohar, there is no sign of the cancerous tumour in her body.

Ms. Aisha Shah, United States of America: Ms. Shah also had breast cancer. Thanks to His Holiness Younus AlGohar’s spiritual healing, she is now free of it.

Mr. Osha Rani, Bangladesh: Mr. Rani suffered from a skin allergy, but after taking water that had been blessed by the grace of Lord Ra Riaz, he no longer has this illness. 

Ms. Monika Rani, Bangladesh: Ms. Rani had a tumour in her throat and was healed by His Holiness Younus AlGohar during an online spiritual gathering. The tumour is now gone.

Mr. Sharma, Sri Lanka: Mr. Sharma is blind, however when his heart was initiated with the name of the Lord and shown Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi’s images, he was able to clearly see the image of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.

Ms. Trivina, Sri Lanka: Ms. Trivina had a hole in her heart. She was spiritually healed by one of MFI’s spiritual ministers in Sri Lanka, and is now healthy.

Mr. Achook, Sri Lanka: Mr. Achook had a disability in that he could not speak without stammering. When he took initiation of the heart from the image of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, he noticed something strange coming out of his mouth, after which he was able to speak without stuttering.

Ms. K. Somawath, Sri Lanka: Ms. Somawath suffered from breast cancer, and was about to go for surgery. Spiritual minister Asad Riaz was asked to spiritually heal her. Soon after, she went to have the surgery done, however doctors upon examining her thoroughly were unable to find any indication of cancer in her body.

Ms. Ashika, United Arab Emirates: Ms. Ashika asked His Holiness Younus AlGohar for a solution for her father, who suffered from acute leg pain. His Holiness blew on a bottle of oil and gave it to her. She then took it to her father, who was healed upon using it. Her father also offered it to some friends for their respective illnesses; they were all healed after using the blessed oil.

Mr. Raaj Apan, Sri Lanka: Mr. Apan was on his deathbed. A spiritual minister from MFI, Mr. Masood, prayed for him. As a result, Mr. Apan was healed. After being healed Mr. Apan exclaimed, “Riaz has given me new life!”

Ms. Potal, Sri Lanka: Ms. Potal was barren. MFI’s spiritual minister Mr. Peer, blew upon her and spiritually healed her. She now has a child.

Ms. Shanti, Sri Lanka: Ms. Shanti was barren as well. She visited the house of His Holiness Younus AlGohar in Sri Lanka, and ate dates that were blessed by His Holiness. She now has a baby boy. Ms. Shanti also offered the dates to her friend who was in the last stages of cancer; her friend was cured.

Ms. Mangleshwari, United Kingdom: Ms. Mangleshwari’s son-in-law was HIV-positive. Ms. Mangleshwari encouraged him to attend the Ra Raam Conference in Sri Lanka that would be attended by His Holiness Younus AlGohar. Her son-in-law was healed whilst His Holiness Younus AlGohar was granting the entire crowd the initiation of the heart with the name “Ra Raam”.

Ms. Heather, United Kingdom: Ms. Heather suffered from Multiple Sclerosis. After receiving spiritual healing at her local church via a spiritual minister from MFI, Mr. Steve Bell, Ms. Heather showed dramatic signs of improvement. Previously, she would be unable to walk without assistance; after the healing, she was able to walk unassisted up flights of stairs. She now keeps images of His Divine Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and Lord Jesus Christ in her home.

Mr. Wesley (Father of Ms. Heather), United Kingdom: While visiting Sicily, Italy, Mr. Wesley went to a local hospital, where he met a man who volunteered to be an interpreter between Mr. Wesley and the staff at the hospital. The man told Mr. Wesley the reason he was at the hospital was because his mother was due to die that very night. Mr. Wesley then presented the man with a photograph of His Divine Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and Lord Jesus Christ given to him by MFI’s spiritual minister, Mr. Steve Bell. Mr. Wesley asked the man to put the photograph by his mother’s bed.

Mr. Wesley recounts, “When I left the hospital, I said [to the man], ‘I’ll see you later.’ He said, ‘No you won’t, because my mother will be gone tonight and we will be taking her body to another town.’ I left it at that.”

“Then in the morning, [around] 7-7:30 am, he was waiting for me. I said, ‘What’s up?’ He said, ‘My mom is up, and she’s responding!’It took me a while to figure out what the man was saying, and I couldn’t come up with any words. Because there [aren’t] any words to say. The man said, ‘Wesley can I keep the photo?’ I said, ‘By all means, keep it!’ To me this is very eye-opening.”

These are only a few examples of the wondrous miracles that occur through Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi’s images and name alone; Lord Ra Riaz Himself has not yet performed a miracle. Even through just the grace granted from Lord Ra Riaz’s name and images, it is clear that these miracles are unprecedented. These occurrences are truly awe-inspiring!

 Anyone may try to obtain blessings from the image of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. A sign that Lord Ra Riaz is for the entire humanity is that His images are able to communicate with people in their respective languages, and therefore provide guidance for those asking for it. In addition, the images of Lord Ra Riaz are able to heal, and grant Initiation of the Heart.  

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