Is Islam in the Hands of Terrorists Today?

8 years, 1 month ago

Recently in an interview on the BBC show, 'HARDtalk', Islamic cleric Tahir ul Qadri was asked a question to which he did not give a proper answer. I (Younus AlGohar) would like to answer the question which was addressed to him. 

Do you think Islam is in the hands of terrorists today?

The answer is yes. This is why you see today, Syria is full of conflict and Syria is now under the occupation of Taliban and Al Qaeda. The Pakistani Taliban is operating in Syria and they are supported, assisted, funded and financed by Saudi Arabia. Look at this - they can change Islam and Quran into any direction they want. Saudi Scholars, in order to encourage Pakistani Taliban in Syria, issued a fatwa and Muslim women were addressed and advised to go and sleep with these Taliban soldiers in Syria. [The Saudi Scholars said that] it would be an act of virtue. 'They would be serving Mujahedeen.' Is this Islam? When did Prophet Mohammad (saw) do that? In the early days, I had said, 'This is something that you can never do. You can never do it; keep trying, but you will need Gohar Shahi's help.' And you can see it today. What did they do? They killed Osama? No. Osama died of a kidney failure, long ago. He lived in Peshawar. But the problem is still there. Taliban and Al Qaeda is not all about Osama bin Laden, because Osama bin Laden has left millions of bastards there who are doing what he couldn't do. Look what is going on in Pakistan and in Afghanistan and in Lebanon - it is terrorism everywhere. So you can see today Islam is literally in the hands of terrorists. Terrorists have literally raped Islam.  

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