The Virakesari Newspaper Covers the RaRam Conference

9 years, 11 months ago

The RaRam Conference, which took place on the 18th of December, 2011 has been covered by the leading Tamil newspaper of Sri Lanka. The translation and news clipping is available below:

All religions await the last Avatar

All religions await the last Avatar, and the Hindus call the awaited personality the Kalki Avatar.

The representative of Kalki Avatar and CEO of Kalki Avatar Foundation International, Younus AlGohar talks about the last avatar, the Kalki Avatar. The organisation’s international sector organized the event at the New Kathiresan Hall, Colombo.

The representative of Kalki Avatar gave blessings and meditated with all those attending the event. He explained how one can connect with the Lord through the right method of meditation; that every religion has named God in their own way, and the correct method is to use that name of God, whatever it may be, to generate spiritual light in order to connect with God, and this will also purify one. He went on to explain that on Poya Day (day of the full moon) humanity should look upto the moon and they shall be blessed, because upon the Moon, the image of the Last Saviour Kalki Avatar, Ra Gohar Shahi has appeared.

Numerous respected members of the Sri Lankan community showed great amount of reverence for the representative of Kalki Avatar, Younus AlGohar, who comes from London, United Kingdom.

The members of Kalki Avatar Foundation Sri Lanka welcomed him with their own tradition. He did the first presentation at Ganapathi Pooja after the Moon Pooja from Mugathuvaram Nithyalaya Music Centre.

Miss Meena performed a group Bhajan, followed by a traditional dance by a group from Wattala, Colombo.

A “mother” from Palaiyuru Nagapoosani Amman, Batticoloa supported the mission of Kalki Avatar Foundation, and deemed it to be true.

The President of Kalki Avatar Foundation Sri Lanka, Sarasvati Sivaguru spoke about the last avatar, Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi and the message of the Kalki Avatar Foundation, which was followed by a presentation ceremony by the General Secretary, S.P. Ramalingham; he presented garlands and showed great reverence for the representative of Kalki Avatar, Younus AlGohar. The Principal of the Royal College, Ganapathi spoke about Kalki Avatar, Ra Gohar Shahi and explained that the Kalki Avatar Foundation are not converting people from their current religions into any other religion, but are rather teaching everyone that every religion has a core: the love of God, and they are merely helping all to love God.

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