The Restoration of Peace in Pakistan: Advice for the Pakistani Government and World Leaders

9 years, 1 month ago

I would like to highlight this issue of democracy and political parties in Pakistan. Almost every single political party in Pakistan is dishonest and naïve to the core principles of democracy, and their only objective is to loot and plunder. There are certain things that can be done in order to restore peace and brotherhood in the country of Pakistan. For example, the most turbulent areas in Pakistan are the tribal areas, and these tribal areas are not part of Pakistan. Physically, they are in Pakistan but there is no governance done by Pakistan in these areas. They live in Pakistan and they are very much dependent upon the Pakistani economy and all sorts of help from the country of Pakistan, but at the same time neither the police nor the army can enter their tribal areas.

What Pakistan can do is get rid of these tribal areas. Pakistan should physically disown Waziristan. If you suffer from cancer and you are likely to lose your life, then rather than losing your life you should cut off that affected part of your body. In a similar way, we should disown these tribal areas because in these tribal areas there is no governance. The government has no access, the army has no access.

A couple days ago, Imran Khan staged a rally, a peace march, and he wanted to go through North Waziristan. But when he arrived, just before the entrance of North Waziristan, the Pakistan Army advised him not to enter the area. They said, 'The people you are going there with are spread, they are stretched out to at least 12 km. If you enter now, there is no electricity and it is going to be completely dark; and we cannot protect you in the dark. That is the most turbulent part in the area. If you want to do so you do it on your own risk.' So Imran Khan pulled back all his people. The military doesn’t have access, the police don’t have access. So this is the area where all the killers and smugglers go and find sanctuary. You are not readdressing the issue! They all know about it. Pakistan should immediately disown these tribal areas and get rid of them.

Secondly, the Taliban in Afghanistan is their interior matter; you can’t do anything about it. But what you can do is get a hold of their brand, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). You can ban them in theory and in practical. Take help from America or from other Western countries, but you must crush these elements of hatred from Pakistan. I wonder why the government is not keen on hunting these anti-state, anti-religion and elements of hatred from the country where they are not only killing innocent public but at the same time they are targeting army buildings, navy buildings, air force buildings and mosques. They are targeting cricket teams. Pakistan is 99% isolated from the world. What do you want to do to this country? Practically, it is a terror stricken country already. There is no peace. You cannot even breathe properly in that country.

What you must do now is disown these tribal areas and seek help from America and other Western countries to take care of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. Those individuals who support Taliban call themselves Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and whenever they target somebody, they kill somebody, after one hour some of their spokesmen come on the television and rave about how brave they are. The innocent public will continue to suffer and we have seen thousands of death at once. Pakistan should take care of Tehreek-e-Taliban and get rid of these tribal areas if they want to restore peace in Pakistan.

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