Yahoo! UK News: Five ways the world could end

10 years, 9 months ago

"With strong solar flares continuing to affect communications and astronomers claiming that an asteroid is on an orbital path heading for Earth, what kind of cataclysmic events are most likely to push humans to the brink of extinction?" -Yahoo! News

An asteroid and HH RaRiaz Gohar Shahi's image on the Moon

Recently Yahoo! News posted an interesting article on theories regarding the end of the world. It lists solar storms, global warming, and asteroids as being among the factors that could potentially end the world as we know it.

We are pleased to see that awareness regarding the end is being raised, and have put forth our own efforts to bring attention to the issue through "2026-The End of the World" on YouTube and We understand it is extremely beneficial for humanity to know the truth regarding the end times so that they may recognise and obtain help from the Awaited One, for recognising the Awaited One RaRiaz Gohar Shahi is crucial for improving the situation mankind has found itself in. 

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