An Insight Into Manifestation of Human Images


Divine Signs

The Eskimo Nebula (NGC 2392)

This photograph has recently appeared on a planetary nebula, a Sun-like star, it was released by NASA.Turn the above photograph anti clockwise to see a face which has something written on it.

Gohar Shahi on Nebula

Many people say that this is imagination. It should be noted that imagination is confined to the one that imagines. Imagination cannot be found or contained in a camera or other photographic instrument.

Others say that this is telepathy or mesmerism. Places of worship, the land and the sky cannot be subjected to telepathy or magic and if this was the case then where is the truth? Some say that the United States has received money and has manufactured and placed these photographs/images by using computer technology. Is Gohar Shahi wealthier than the United States? If this was possible then the United States would have used the images of one of its popes/clergymen so as their country and religion would benefit and become famous.

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Face on The Moon -  Imam Jafir Sadiq

"The face of Imam Mehdi will appear on the Moon."