ALRA TV’s Publicity Campaign in Mumbai, India

4 years, 5 months ago

Mehdi Foundation International’s official online television channel, ALRA TV, is a channel that caters to the spiritual needs of humanity. With an ever-growing subscriber count on YouTube and thousands of live viewers every day, ALRA TV is at the forefront of the silent spiritual revolution sweeping the globe. 

Recently, viewers of ALRA TV in India organised a campaign to spread awareness of ALRA TV in Mumbai, India. They advertised Sufi Online with Younus AlGohar, a popular programme which is broadcasted live every day on ALRA TV at 10 PM BST. During Sufi Online, viewers are invited to ask Younus AlGohar any questions they may have on spirituality, religion, God, society and so forth.

ALRA TV Publicity Campaign - Mumbai, India

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