Statement from HH Younus AlGohar Regarding Malala Yousufzai and the Taliban

9 years, 1 month ago

Messiah Foundation International is a spiritual organisation and we project and promulgate the Sufi Doctrine presented by His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. Individuals from all religions believe HDE Gohar Shahi is the Awaited One. Messiah Foundation International not only promotes the Sufi Doctrine and Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love and Global Peace, but at the same time we also point out social and religious atrocities that our society is filled with today.

Currently, the entire world is focusing on what is going on in Pakistan. All sorts of suppression, oppression, dishonesty, anti-human campaigns and anti-divine love campaigns are being carried out by different fanatic, extremist and militant groups in Pakistan. Although there are many groups who fall into the category of fanatics, extremists and Islamists, on top of all other groups is the most notorious fanatic, extremist Islamic group, the Taliban. The Taliban as the world knows comes from Afghanistan, but I want you to know that the Taliban were trained by Moulana Fazal ur Rehman, the leader of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam. He is a Member of Parliament in Pakistan and he is the mastermind. There are two different versions of the Taliban. There is the Taliban in Afghanistan, but their mother organisation is in Pakistan, 'Taliban Pakistan'. We have been raising awareness of this very delicate matter of recognising the anti-Christ, which has appeared in the guise of the Taliban Leader, the one-eyed python Mullah Omar, and his deceased right-hand Osama bin Laden.

I am deeply saddened by what I heard about the 14-year-old girl, Malala Yousufzai, being shot in the head. She was a peace activist and she rose to fame after she protested against atrocities done by Pakistani Taliban in her hometown of Swat Valley. In the Valley of Swat, Taliban by force did not allow girls to go to school and they banned and closed all girls’ schools. But she agitated and protested and she became famous. She is a wonderful child, a wonderful girl. She is very intelligent. I saw her interview last night on Geo News. The way she is explaining her agenda and what she wants to do in that country, depicts a great amount of political potential in her character. She seemed to be a very intelligent person though she is only 14 years of age.

Taliban are now crossing all moral and ethereal limits and people are just talking about it. People are not doing anything practical to stop it.

I would like to extend my deepest sympathy and my prayers for her. I pray to Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi to grant her health and I pray to the Lord to restore her life so that she is back on her feet again, and she could put forward a case on her behalf against atrocities carried out by these inhumane, anti-human campaigners of hatred.

I saw on television a show called 'Capital Talk' in which the host, Hamid Mir invited different Ulema to discuss this matter. Hamid Mir asked, 'Do you not condemn this cowardly act carried out by the Taliban?' The Ulema replied, 'Today a 14-year-old girl was shot and the entire media is crying out, what about the drone attacks that happen in Pakistan everyday where many children are killed?' Hamid Mir did not have the answer to this question, but I do. Many people have been killed from 1986 and I have seen people burn 2-month-old children with my own eyes. This nation is senseless. They come on television, waste time on talk shows to discuss issues, but there is no outcome of their discussion. They just dawdle about the issue. It is a superficial condemnation. Rather than solving the issue, they make it so complicated that it becomes difficult to understand.

Death in Pakistan is so common that when a person leaves his house, he leaves with such uncertainty and looks at his children, his wife, his mother and father as if it is the last time he might see them. Now, the children that are killed in these drone attacks are not mentioned in the media because the media is not given permission to enter Northern Waziristan by the Taliban. Not the media nor any NGO, not even the Army of Pakistan is allowed to enter Northern Waziristan. If you do not allow anyone to enter your area, then will Gabriel come to give your reports? This girl is being highlighted because on one hand a child is just a child who lives and dies for himself, but then there is a child who has the potential to determine a bright future for the entire nation’s children. One child who has been given a God-gifted ability may be much greater than thousands of common children. She is the 14-year-old girl who raised her voice against the cruelty of the Taliban and showed the world a side of Pakistan where there are children who have hate for hatred, who believe the Taliban to be inhumane, who love peace, who are human-friendly and who want peace in their area.

Whenever people go out on the streets in Pakistan for a protest or a rally, these people who are proud to be protesting and staging rallies on the roads do not represent the common public. They are always either political activists, fanatics, or extremists. But only these people are seen by the world, and the world thinks this is Pakistan. It’s not even 5% of the population, but by staging rallies and protests, firing, gutting bazaars, building, banks and cinema halls, carrying out these arsenal attacks and pelting stones, and plying vehicles on the road, the image that pops up from all these events is horrible in the eyes of the world. They think every other Pakistani is an extremist or a fanatic, but this is not true. All these people who you see on the television to be protesting or staging a rally come from a fanatic organisation or extremist organisation. This is not the common public. Whenever there is a protest, you will see some lunatics burning an American flag or effigies of President Obama or any other Western Leader for no reason. But this particular group of people who always put a show of this agitation and protest do not represent the common public in Pakistan. Most of the people who live in the cities like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi are westernised. They are as liberal as any other person living in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, etc.

Malala Yousufzai is a wonderful person, she is very enthusiastic. She wants to show the world that there are still some human beings who live in that country. The country is torn apart by fanatics and extremists. These fanatics and extremist who claim to be religious and believe in one God, they don’t believe in any God at all, because there is no God who represents hatred. There is only one God and that God is love, ether you read the Bible or you read the Quran, God has clearly mentioned that he loves and he wants to be loved. That’s the end of the story.

The Bible said, ‘God is love, love is God. One who doesn’t know love, he doesn’t know God.’ Then the Quran also mentions the same thing in different phraseology. The Quran said, 'Towards the twilight of this world, when all the believers would have shunned their religions, God would come on earth with his nation and his nation would love him and he would love them.' He is love and this is the Quran.

HDE Gohar Shahi says, ‘There is one particular thing that is to be searched for in a human heart, and that is love. If you have God’s love in your heart then you do not need a religion.'

The Awaited One, His Holiness, His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz has made a statement and also mentioned it in his Holy Book that all you need to furnish your heart with is Divine Love. If you have introduced Divine Love to your heart and your heart has accepted Divine Love, then you do not need any religion at all. Today we do not need supremacy of any religion or other doctrine. All we need is global peace and God’s love. Enough atrocities have been made under the label of a religion, under the label of God. But there is no justification for killing humanity in God’s name, because God presumably is the Creator of all human beings and he wouldn’t fancy killing a human being without a reason. One can be pardoned with a killing if they killed a person who is a potential danger to humanity. Such persons should be punished and they are punished according to the Court of Law. Otherwise, there is no justification for killing a human being. God doesn’t like it. He is the Creator, why would he like somebody who kills his creation?

I have seen determination and pain for humanity in the heart of this 14-year-old girl and I beseech the Lord, His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi to restore Malala’s life and preserve her passion that of serving humanity and grant her to earn good name and fame for her homeland of Pakistan.

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