Meeting with Jesus

Jesus meets Gohar Shahi in America

Imam Mehdi and Jesus

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi and Jesus’ meeting took place in New Mexico in 1997.

  • This news along with the above photographs was published by the weekly Payam Newspaper, Manchester UK, Dated: 15th August 1997.
  • Sada-e-Sarfrosh (Pakistan), a fortnightly newspaper published the same news in September 1997.
  • BBC broadcasted this news on GMR Radio (UK) on 28th September 1997.

In an interview in London on 28th July 1997 His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi made the following statement.

‘On 29th May 1997, I was at the El Monte Lodge in Taos, New Mexico. During the second half of the night, I felt the presence of a man in my room. There was not enough light, so at first I thought it was one of my followers.’

I asked him, “Why have you come?” the man replied, “I have come to see you.” I turned on the light and I saw a handsome young man standing before me, whom I did not know. Seeing him, I felt immense energy and spiritual ecstasy in my soul and spiritual entities, a similar spiritual ecstasy that I would feel and experience in the gathering of the “Higher Realms”. I learnt that he could speak many languages. The young man told me, “I am Jesus (Son of Mary), I am in America, presently.” I asked him, “Where do you live?” he replied, “I neither had a home in the past nor now.”’

When His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi was requested for further details of the meeting, His Divine Eminence replied, ‘What Jesus and I have discussed is a secret but I shall reveal it at an appropriate time in the future.’ His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi states, ‘A few days later, I visited Tucson (Arizona), where somebody showed me a photograph and said, “It was Jesus.” I instantly recognised the man in the photograph, as he was the same man who appeared in my room at the El Monte Lodge. I asked the owner of the photograph about its origin. He told me, “Some people took photographs of some sacred places, and surprisingly, this photograph of [Jesus] emerged from amongst the prints when the film was processed. This man was neither seen nor photographed.” I took the photograph of this young man (Jesus) and tried to match it with the one of many images on the Moon. I realised that the image on the photograph matched one of the images on the Moon. I confirm and verify that this is the true Image of Jesus.’

A magazine in America published an article quoting Bible excerpts regarding the ‘Return of Jesus’ and events leading up to the end of the world. Much of the information published, particularly secret Bible Prophecies released by the Vatican in Rome and the opinions of experts, coincide with this statement made by His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi.

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Revolutionary Message for humankind

A Muslim says, 'I am superior to all.' A Jew declares, 'I am even better than the Muslim.' And a Christian says, 'I am greater than both the Muslim and the Jew, and the rest of the religions, because I am the nation of God's Son.' But His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi declares that superior and best of all is the one who possesses God's love in his heart, in spite of his indifference to any religion.


Face on The Moon -  Imam Jafir Sadiq

'The face of Imam Mehdi will appear on the Moon.'