Against Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi

The mission of divine love has been heavily opposed by sectarian elements, specifically in the Muslim world. Radical clerics and those who begrudge Sufis have done everything possible to defame His Divine Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shah. His Divine Eminence’s works have been altered in attempts to find a pretext for issuing fatwas (religious verdicts) of death and Kufr (rejection) against Him.

His residence in Manchester, United Kingdom, was bombed. In Pakistan, a bounty was declared on His head and a hand grenade was aimed at Him whilst delivering a lecture to some disciples.

The radical clerics trapped His Divine Eminence in five false cases of alleged murder, possession of illegal arms, and illegal possession of land in Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif’s enmity for His Divine Eminence lead to the government of Sindh becoming a party against Him.

In the United States of America a false cases of felony and illegal detention of a woman was instigated against His Divine Eminence Yellow journalism left no stone unturned in dishonouring Him. Eventually, after a thorough investigation and hearings, all cases were proved false.

Despite this, radical clerics and those who oppose His Divine Eminence’s message and mission continue to spread negative propaganda against Him and His representative amongst the common public. They utilise the Pakistani media, which maintains to print grossly inaccurate information about His Divine Eminence and Mehdi Foundation International. We therefore advise against trusting these sources for accurate information regarding His Divine Eminence.

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Revolutionary Message for humankind

A Muslim says, 'I am superior to all.' A Jew declares, 'I am even better than the Muslim.' And a Christian says, 'I am greater than both the Muslim and the Jew, and the rest of the religions, because I am the nation of God's Son.' But His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi declares that superior and best of all is the one who possesses God's love in his heart, in spite of his indifference to any religion.


Face on The Moon -  Imam Jafir Sadiq

'The face of Imam Mehdi will appear on the Moon.'