MESSAGE TO WORLD LEADERS: Imam Mehdi will Not Promote Islam

8 years, 6 months ago

This is a very important message to all world leaders, especially in the West: I would like to bring into the notice of all honourable Presidents and Prime Ministers of different countries that the concept of Imam Mehdi projected by the Iranian Leadership is adulterated; they are using the term ‘Imam Mehdi’ to fit in their own agenda. They are using the concept of Imam Mehdi as an instrument. Anything that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in the Security Council building in New York about Imam Mehdi is not true.

Once and for all, please be aware of the fact that Imam Mehdi does not represent Islam; Imam Mehdi does not practise Islam. Imam Mehdi does not back and support Islam. Islam is like rotten history today.

Imam Mehdi is a universal figure. His bounty and doctrine of love will equally benefit all human being on Earth, without reservations or prejudice. Imam Mehdi is a complete divine embodiment. Love emanates from his body; he is all love. He loves Christians, Jews, Hindus and Sikhs; he loves all human beings. His message is love and his teachings are nothing but love. The image of Imam Mehdi along with Lord Jesus Christ has become vividly prominent on the surface of the Moon. According to biblical texts, Jesus is to return towards the End Times. According to the Muslim faith, Jesus will return towards the End Times and Imam Mehdi’s advent will also take place. Jesus and Imam Mehdi will be together, like they are on a joint venture. The message of Imam Mehdi Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is the continuation of the message of Lord Jesus Christ, which is divine love.

Be aware of the fact that most of the Muslim countries will go against Imam Mehdi.

The good news is that, given the universality of Imam Mehdi Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi’s bounty, His message of divine love and His doctrine, the United States of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain will extend all sorts of support to Imam Mehdi and Lord Jesus Christ. Imam Mehdi and Jesus will together strive in the way of love; they will join hands and forces. They will defeat the army of hatred, the army of the Wahhabi cult of death. The United States of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain will be Goharian allies. They will support the message of love and global peace. Do not believe a word the Muslims say about Imam Mehdi; Muslims have adulterated and moulded their books in a way that whatever is coming as a Tradition of the Prophet fits in their hidden agenda. The entire Muslim population has been religiously hijacked. The entire Muslim population is spiritually and emotionally blackmailed everyday in the name of God and Islam. It is evident that God, who is the creator of all humanity, would never want one man to kill another man. This is out of the question. We have to stand united with all peace-loving human beings all over the world. No matter what the terrorists are doing and how strong their attacks are, we will continue to remain steadfast in mutual love and harmony and raise our voices against tyranny.

Terrorism is equal to polytheism. It is equal to claiming to be God (shirk). According to the Koran, God wants all human being to develop God’s fear only.

As a true devout according to your religious duty, you are not supposed to fear anybody for except God. When terrorists blow themselves up and cause hundreds of people to lose their lives, a sense of fear prevails; this is in total opposition to what God has mandated for human beings. God does not want human be to be afraid of anybody else for except God himself.

Your destiny is to be God-fearing; your destiny is not to be terrorist-fearing.

According to the Koran, when God’s love has settled in your heart, you are under the effect of no fear. Those who have love in their hearts fear none, no matter how strong the terror is,. When you have faith and love in your heart, you will survive any terror. Those who have an enlightened heart fear none. God wants you to fear him in the way a son fears his father; a son doesn’t want to do anything bad because he doesn’t want his father to get upset.. This is a different fear. In this, you are afraid of losing the trust of your father. In a similar way when we say, ‘God-fearing,’ it doesn’t mean God is holding a gun. It’s a fear and resentment against wrong things; a resilience against disobedience.

When you develop God’s fear in your heart, you develop resilience against all sorts of disobedience. God wants to promote God’s fear.

We have another candidate that is trying to implant their fear in the hearts of humanity through terror, brutality and barbarism. I tell you, they only talk about barbarism. Let Lord Jesus Christ come and then you will see that his message is divine love and to implement divine love, he will leave no stone unturned in making sure that the enemies of love are fully crushed. The armies of hatred, the armies of the Antichrist, the anti-Mehdi, the Wahhabi cult of hatred and death will be annihilated to perfection. One day, you will ask yourselves, ‘Did Wahhabism ever exist in this world?’ The time is no far. You have only seen a movie in which there is a hero and villain. The world will see a movie where there will be two heroes and no villains – they will defeat the villain and love will prevail. Imam Mehdi and Jesus Christ will rule the hearts of humanity. There will be nothing as a religion being practised for except love.

Imam Mehdi, loud and clear, does not practise or preach Islam.

Islam is gone, per the foretelling of Prophet Mohammad, the founder of Islam. He said, ‘Nothing will remain in Islam for except its name and nothing in the Koran will be left for except rituals.’

According to Prophet Mohammad, Islam is gone; this is why Imam Mehdi is coming.

Al-Ghaybah, a book about Imam Mehdi’s advent, was printed in Iran. It says, ‘Imam Mehdi will establish a new religion, give a new module for practise and new custom.’ Imam Mehdi is not going to talk about Islam. According to this book, Imam Jafar Saddiq has been narrated as saying, ‘Imam Mehdi will establish a new religion.’

This new religion will be the only religion in the world, because this new religion is so beautiful.

Every single human being will want to adopt this new religion. This is extremism in love.  Whether you are Christian, Jew, Hindu or Sikh, come - we are all brothers. The world will see it as an abnormal activity because the world has not seen it before. People have their reservations, hate and prejudice against each other; but with the help of this new religion all will love each other. No more temples, churches or mosques. Jesus said, ‘You will worship God in a building which was built by your hands? Turn your heart into a temple of God. The place of God is your heart.’

If you do not invite God in your heart, you are not seeking God’s domicile anywhere around you.

Imam Mehdi will establish a new universal religion. There will be no Sharia. Your hearts will be controlled by love. You will not have any law. When your hearts are controlled by love and your body is controlled by your heart, you do not need any law. You will not do anything which can hurt and harm anybody when your heart is controlled by love. You will not deprive anybody of any of his belongings. You will turn into a bird of love. The world will see utter justice and peace. The world will become so beautiful that nobody would want to enter paradise.

With the help of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, Lord Jesus Christ and their doctrine of love, this world will turn into a place more beautiful, accommodating, relaxing and prone to indulgence than what it is you find in the paradise - that will be the Kingdom of God.

You will be under God’s rule the qualities of God that have been described in the Bible. To Muslims, he was angry when he revealed the Koran; that is not his real temperament. God was relaxed when he was talking to Jesus, that was his real temperament. In that, God said, ‘I am love.’ Chapter John says, ‘God is love and love is God. One who does not know love, he does not know God.’ This is reality.

In a way, you will be under the rule of love. The world will be romanticised.

The divine romance will emanate from Imam Mehdi Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi’s body. Romance will shower from the eyes of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. Human beings will all be soaked in love and dyed in love. Imam Mehdi will never talk about Islam. It is useless: when Islam doesn’t exist anymore, why waste time talking about it?

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