Tahaffuz-e-Khatme Nabuwwat & Hate Crimes

7 years, 8 months ago

This trend of physically persecuting people of other faiths and declaring them kafir (infidels) was initiated by Wahhabis only. There is a special name for them: Takhfiri.

We live here in this world and every country has different rules, regulations and law. If someone is a thief, the police will catch them; or you may help the police catch the thief. The police will arrest the thief and then take him to the court. Then the court will decide what to do.

You cannot take the law in your hands.

Similarly, there are religious laws. Whether you are a good or bad Muslim, you cannot take the law in your hands. Only God will decide who is good and who is bad. Only God will punish people. You can’t do that.

Wahhabis declare other Muslims to be infidels and they also allege people will different allegations. They want to kill them. Wahhabis have only one sort of punishment: to just kill them, not less than that. This is severely misleading, severely misguiding and severely wrong.

You have no authority to execute anybody on account of his bad deeds or impurity in his belief system.

Whether someone is a good or bad Muslim, whether he is a hypocrite or an infidel, you have nothing to do with it. It is God who will or will not punish; it rests with God what he wants to do with or to his creation.

The Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nabuwwat Muslim denomination - which has links with Wahhabism - are now active in hate crimes. They are declaring Ahmadi Muslims to be infidels. They’re inciting and provoking others to kill them. They think killing people is a virtue. It is not a virtue; it is against their own religion. It is very obvious now that [members of Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nabuwwat] don’t follow their religion. If they followed their religion, they would never take the law into their own hands because they are human beings like everybody else.

Sometime ago, I told you in a lecture that Jesus came across a mob of people. There was a big commotion. He stopped and asked somebody what was going on. Somebody told Jesus that there was an adulteress so people were pelting stones at her. Having heard all this, Jesus halted them and said to them, ‘Wait. Let me ask all of you a question: is there anybody in this mob who has never sinned?’ Nobody replied. Jesus said, ‘When everybody of you has sinned in your life - and you yourself are not pure - how can you punish this woman of her sin? Leave it to God.’ This is our belief system also. We believe what Jesus said.

We very strongly condemn anything like what Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nabuwwat is doing, such as killing Ahmadi people.

Ahmadis are very moderate, peace-loving Muslims. We should give everybody their space. If we think they are wrong - they may be wrong, but you may be wrong too. If you are the judge of your faith, you can never be right. Let others say who you are and how you are.

For example, in my childhood, my father used to tell me, ‘These Christians come and feed poor people. They give them blankets. They’re doing so much for the welfare of humanity. Our own Muslims - forget about any help from them - they cannot see you happy. if you are well-off, they take away your money and property from you.’

Are these Muslims good or are those ‘infidels’ good who are helping people? If these ‘infidels’ are good, how are they good without a religion and you’re Muslim and still you’re bad? What did you religion do you to character? You religion did not help you become a good man! The problem is: if you judge yourself, you will always think you are the best. Do not judge yourself; let others judge you.

No religion will allow its followers to monitor accountability of individuals. You are accountable to God only, on the Day of Judgement.

If you are good or bad, God will decide. Some people think they are very good, but who knows? Most of the good people that I have met, they were the worst. You have to learn and let others live.

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