The New Sufi Pakistan

7 years, 10 months ago

Today, Pakistan is known around the world as a terrorist state. Looking at the current situation in Pakistan, it seems that the country is doomed: terrorist attacks are at an all-time high, fraud and thievery are the order of the day and there is a general sense of hopelessness. But the future is bright; after every hurricane, there is a rainbow. Here is what His Holiness Younus AlGohar has to say about the new regime that will transform Pakistan in the near future:

Pakistan’s future is bright. The new Pakistan will have a leading role in the world politics. Love and peace will sprout from the hearts of the Sufi citizens of Pakistan. The Sufi ruler will wipe out terrorism, hatred and religious crimes from the land and will establish a Kingdom of Love. This New Sufi Pakistan will be a free state wherein all religions would be able to practice their beliefs. Love and harmony will shine.

The future is bright with presence of the Awaited One. Hatred and terrorism is temporal. Love will prevail. The New Sufi Pakistan will be the Pakistan of Imam Mehdi that the Prophet Mohammad conceived in his mind. 

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