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8 years, 3 months ago

An article published by the author of has recently come to our attention. In this peice, the author discusses the history and significance of the Holy Black Stone (Hajar al Aswad) and the behaviour of the Saudi Government since they had painted over the stone. 

He notes, 

'The Government of Saudi Arab is very much vigilant about Hajre-e-Aswad. It was also heard that the Hajre-e-Aswad has been painted with black color by Saudi government and since then nobody is allowed to stay by Hajre-e-Aswad except to kiss and touch it. However, when Professor Dr. Saeed Akhtar Durrani of Birmingham of University England, contacted Saudi government to allow experts to research over Hajre-e-Aswad. They were clearly refused by Saudi authorities, which is a bit suspicious and a question for all Muslims that, “Why it was painted and now why nobody even Muslims are not allowed to have research work on Hajre-e-Aswad?”'

Hajar al Aswad Comparisons

He also brings attention to the fact that a notable, unnnatural change has been made to Hajar-al-Aswad and its significance in the recognition if Imam Mehdi. 

Until 1999, Hajre-e-Aswad was a 30 cm’s, chaotic, brown, luminous and an oval shaped stone, which has been turned into a totally blackish color after been painted by Saudi Government. Hajre-e-Aswad is a significant sign of Allah and Almighty himself is caring of it. It is proved by some spiritual saints and scholars that the Hajre-e-Aswad will play an important role in the recognition of Imam Mehdi Aleh Salaam.

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