HH Younus AlGohar’s Comments on the Saudi Government’s Conspiracy against Imam Mehdi

8 years, 3 months ago

UPDATE 3-09-2013: His Holiness Younus AlGohar issues statement about the walk-way being built over Kabah

'Now, the Saudis have built a walk-way over the Holy Kabah, which is nothing but a mark of blasphemy against the sacred place and divine signs of God that fall under it.'

'People are now walking over Hajar Aswad and Muqaam Ibrahim. I draw attention of the Muslim world to examine this matter and demand from the Saudis to remove that walk-way immediately. Do not forget: you are walking over the names of God and ayats of the Holy Quran which are printed on the Ghilaaf of Kabah.'

The following is a transcript of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's statement regarding the Saudi government's conspiracy against Imam Mehdi. To watch the original video, click hhere.

Back in 1991, there was a news item in a local newspaper in Pakistan which said, ‘According to the Fuqra of Mecca al Mukharima, Saudi Arabia, the identity of Imam Mehdi has been revealed and a human face has become prominent on the surface of the Holy Black Stone,’ which is fitted in Kaaba. It was verified by the religious governor, Hammad bin Abdullah, of Mecca.A newspaper clipping about the image in the Holy Black Stone


Soon after this news came out, the Imam-e-Kaaba (Head of the Kaaba) then, was arrested, he was imprisoned and a new Imam was introduced.

Then, in order to conceal the human face on the Holy Black Stone, the Saudi King and the Royal Family plotted a conspiracy; they were paranoid, they had their apprehensions. They painted over the Holy Black Stone so that nobody could see the image of Imam Mehdi which was manifested by God. We understand the reason why the Saudi government and Saudi Kings would do such a horrible thing, because they are under this impression that as soon as Imam Mehdi appears, he will confiscate their Kingdom.

If you go back in time and see how Moses was raised, you will see how the Pharaoh plotted to suppress Moses - the first boy in all families to be born was to be killed. The same thing was happening: they did not want to the world to know of Imam Mehdi.

From time to time, we have different so-called spiritualist and religious scholars all around the world, who come up with this idea that Imam Mehdi would appear from Kaaba, Mecca. However, they do not ponder that the emergence and appearance of Imam Mehdi has already taken place. And this emergence and appearance of Imam Mehdi has taken place when the image of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi became prominent on the Holy Black Stone. And the appearance of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi on the Holy Black Stone is actually the advent of Imam Mehdi.

There is a Hadith which says, ‘Imam Mehdi will appear from between Rukan-e-Yemeni and Muqaam Ibrahim’, and it is very interesting to see and note that Holy Black Stone is in the middle of these two said places. The appearance of Imam Mehdi has taken place in form of this image of Imam Mehdi appearing on the surface of the Holy Black Stone.

Although the entire Muslim Ummah revere the Second Caliph Umar bin Khattab very much and they respect him according to who he was, however, when it comes to revering the Holy Black Stone, his belief and his information about Holy Black Stone is, sadly, very dodgy. On one occasion, during Tawwaf of Kaaba when he approached Holy Black Stone, before he would kiss the Holy Black Stone, he stood there and said, 'O Holy Black Stone, I know for the fact that neither can you benefit anyone nor you can harm anyone, however I am going to kiss you for one reason, and that reason is that the Prophet Mohammad kissed you. Otherwise I would never kiss you because you are just a stone'.

Umar bin Khattab knows this Holy Black Stone is of no value, even then, Prophet Mohammad kissed the Holy Black Stone. The Prophet Mohammad knew what was the value and significance of the Holy Black Stone; if you know that the Holy Black Stone is of no value, I think the Prophet Mohammad knows better than you know - even then he kissed it. There must be some reasons which at that point in time he did not think should be revealed to people. This is to do with acceptance of the truth; and Saudis, in particular, come from a school of thought who regard respect for the Prophet as Biddah (innovation) and Shirk, and anything that links with Prophet Mohammad or Imam Mehdi is very strongly abhorred, rejected and nullified by the Wahhabi sect.

However, kissing the Holy Black Stone is a must for everybody who goes there on Pilgrimage of Hajj and Umrah. Neither Umrah nor Hajj is complete without kissing the Holy Black Stone.

Ali stated that he heard it from Prophet Mohammad that this Holy Black Stone has a pair of eyes, a pair of ears and a tongue and whoever would kiss the Holy Black Stone out of love and respect, this Holy Black Stone will testify his fate on the Day of Judgment in the presence of God.

We have two different statements coming from two Caliphs of Islam. Ali is a trustworthy narrator and he is more trustworthy than Umar bin Khattab in a sense that Prophet Mohammad said, ‘Whoever I am the Moula of, Ali too is their Moula,’ and the Prophet Mohammad said, ‘I am the city of knowledge and Ali is the gateway.’ Now, in the light of what Prophet Mohammad advised to his Ummah, we strongly believe that all the knowledge that Prophet Mohammad possesses, the gateway to that knowledge is Ali. And any knowledge, any information about God, about Islam that will come from Ali is authentic. Because he is gateway to Prophet Mohammad’s knowledge, therefore how can we reject Ali in comparison to what Umar said? Umar bin Khattab had but very little knowledge and he was a big-mouth, he did not know what he was saying. He just opened his mouth and said everything out of sheer ignorance.

They say there is a Hadith that goes, 'These stars in the sky, the companions are like these stars; you follow any one of them and you will reach God.' We don't think this hadith can be authentic. Why? It is not necessary that all saints of God may also be a Perfect Spiritual Guide. We are not ruling out the possibility of how holy these individuals may be. Umar bin Khattab may be a highly spiritually projected dignitary and he must be recognised by this in that school of thought. However, our point is: even if you are a Saint of God, you still do not qualify to be a Spiritual Guide.

Now you have two statements, one is coming from Umar bin Khattab and another is coming from Ali. The statement from whoever is verified by Prophet Mohammad will be respected without any reservations and hesitation. We will definitely believe what Ali said because Prophet Mohammad said, 'He is the gateway to my heart'. Prophet Mohammad did not mention Umar in relation to any sort of knowledge.

He was a man with a sword and oftentimes he would use his sword more than he would use his tongue.

This is a conspiracy! If you do not kiss the Holy Black Stone during Hajj and Umrah, your Umrah and your Hajj is incomplete; and now after the Saudis have painted over the Holy Black Stone. Even if you kiss the Holy Black Stone it will not be regarded as the kiss of the stone, you will be kissing the paint, not the surface of the Holy Black Stone.


Hajr-al-Aswad: Then and Now (from 1980's-2012)

These Saudis are responsible for jeopardising the faith of millions of Muslims all over the world and you can see how ruthlessly and recklessly the man in the video is painting over the Holy Black Stone, without showing any reverence or respect. This is the stone which Prophet Mohammad would place his lips upon, would place his eyes upon and shed tears and would kiss the Holy Black Stone out of abundance of respect and reverence. Look how ruthlessly this man in the video is painting over the Holy Black Stone! And during this act of painting, you will see the more he paints in the middle, this is where the image of His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is. The more he paints in the middle of the Holy Black Stone, the more prominent the image of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi becomes!

In the picture here, you see this portrait of the Holy Black Stone was printed in Kuwait and it was released by the sole agent in Saudi Arabia, Mirza Library and Al Haramain Library, Al Umrah Gate Mecca and this picture is when there is no paint on this and you can see clearly the image of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi in the middle.

Mirza Library - Hajar al Aswad


If they say the Holy Black Stone is broken, when something is broken, do you paint over it to fix the problem? No! This is a conspiracy! The Muslims should understand it.

Now, what are the technicalities? Why must you kiss the Holy Black Stone?

HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi said, 'When a person kisses the Holy Black Stone out of love and respect, the Holy Black Stone absorbs his sins.'

They say that after the performance of Hajj, a person’s past and future sins are forgiven. They are forgiven because after Tawwaf and worship, when you go to kiss the Holy Black Stone in the end, your reward is that it absorbs your sins, thus all your sins are forgiven and you become pure.

Hadith: When the Holy Black Stone was brought down from the paradise it was green in colour.

Prophet Mohammad said it became black in colour as it absorbed the sins of Adam's progeny. The word 'Hajar Aswad' means 'Black Stone' and it became black as it absorbed the sins. Now it is the Holy Black Stone which shall absorb the sins. And if you don’t kiss it, then what is the use of your Hajj or Umrah, when your sins have not been forgiven? Is this not a conspiracy when they say just kiss the Holy Black Stone from far away because of the rush of people? Kissing it absorbs the sins; if you just signal a kiss from a distance, your sins have not been absorbed and neither has your Hajj been accepted.

Secondly, if you do get to kiss the Holy Black Stone, it has been painted on. You are actually kissing the paint and the paint cannot absorb your sins. Therefore, in both cases, your Hajj or Umrah are not being accepted nor are you being purified of your sins - all thanks to the Saudi government.

The time has come for people to protest against this! First they removed the Holy Black Stone from the Kabah. They tried to scrape the image off. But how could the image disappear? Then, they painted it and obviously the paint began to come off, so now they painted it again. This is the last incident. After this, if they try to paint it again, then this Holy Black Stone shall disappear and return to where it came from, because it is being disrespected and humanity no longer needs it. Until the advent of Imam Mehdi, this image was necessary; but now, Imam Mehdi has arrived. Now, His image is everywhere: on the Moon, in the computers, and phones. 

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