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3 years, 11 months ago


January 06: MFI Preaches Message of Love At Croydon Town Centre!

January 15: Launch of The True Mehdi Magazine

January 17: The True Mehdi Magazine Distribution At The Pakistan High Commission And Embassy In London, England


February 01: Announcing: The Official Launch Of The Messiah Herald

February 03: MFI Reaches Out To Loving Souls In Tirana, Albania

February 04: Indonesian Public Embraces The Message Of Divine Love!

February 27: Issue 02 Of The True Mehdi Magazine



March 13: A Very Successful Exposition In Alberta, Canada!

March 14: Issue 02 Of The Messiah Herald Out Now!

March 22: Our Message Inspires Thousands At The New Life Expo, NY!

March 22: We Are United Kingdom! | Westminster Attacks

March 23: Notice For MFI Members – Action Counters Terrorism

March 25: MFI Participates In The Mind, Body & Spirit Expo In Brisbane, Australia!



April 04: The True Mehdi Magazine | Issue 03 2017

April 12: Announcement: Global Peace Through Spiritual Sciences And Divine Love Programme

April 12: Happy Passover 2017

April 16: Happy Easter 2017

April 17: MFI Canada Visits Catholic Church On Easter Sunday!



May 14: A Special Message for Muslims on Ramadan by HH Younus AlGohar

May 30: The Messiah Herald Magazine | Issue 04



June 12: How Emotions Shape Up Complexes | By HH Younus AlGohar

June 16: Happy Birthday to His Holiness Younus AlGohar

June 30: The Messiah Herald | Issue 05



July 13: Propagation at the Nala Sopara Railway Station, Mumbai

July 18: Messiah Foundation UK at The Croydon Pridefest 2017!

July 27: A Miraculous Incident In Islamabad, Pakistan

July 31: The Malaysian Insight News Agency Publishes KAF Protests Against Zakir Naik



August 03: A Very Successful Day at the Southhampton Festival 2017

August 13: The Messiah Herald | Issue 07 2017



September 16: The Message Of Love Spreads In Erfurt, Germany!

September 22: Messiah Foundation At The Body, Mind & Spirit Expo In Columbus, Ohio!

September 30: Upcoming: Our Events In Toronto And Mexico City



October 01: Upcoming: HH Younus AlGohar On

October 10: Messiah Foundation At The Whole Life Expo 2017 In Adelaide, Australia

October 22: Amor Universal Conference In Mexico City, 2017!

October 30: Unitarian Spiritualism Conference In Toronto, Canada 2017



November 02: Nov 3-5: MFI At The Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival In Birmingham

November 16: Experiences At The Birmingham Mind Body And Spirit Expo

November 17: Mission Activities In Domplatz, Erfurt, Germany

November 18: Messiah Foundation At The Annual Holistic Health Expo In Marlborough, Usa

November 19: Unitarian Spiritualism: The Transcript

November 25: 25th November – Jashan-E-Riaz 2017



December 09: HH Younus AlGohar And Steve Bell Discuss Unitarian Spirituality On

December 10: ALRA TV Publicity Campaign in Mumbai, India

December 12: Happy Hanukkah 2017 from Messiah Foundation


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